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B&E Pest Control has been eradicating bugs in the Oklahoma City area for over 35 years. We treat for ants, spiders, crickets, wasps, mice, rats, and a multitude of other pests. We use the best treatment options available in the market today. B&E Pest Control also specializes in treating for termites. Each treatment comes with a guarantee and we'll send you a reminder when it is time for a check up.

We're one of the most open customer oriented businesses in Oklahoma an encourage you to contact us either by phone or our online contact form if you have any questions. Termites and bugs are annoying. We want to help you solve that problem. We promise to offer competitive pricing and we offer free estimates to everyone that contacts us. So please, before you lock in with another company check with us and make sure you're getting the best deal.

We might not be able to match every price but we'll do our best. Give us a call today! We use Termidor chemical in our termite services. This state of the art chemical will coat termites long enough for them to walk home and transfer it to every other termite.

read more › B&E Pest Control has been a family owned and operated business since 1977. Started by Bill and Emalene Garver, it has developed into one of the best known termite and pest control companies in Oklahoma. Bill Garver has over forty years of termite experience working for companies such as Orkin, Lystads Inc., and Eco Lab. The company is now owned by his son Darrell Garver who also has many years of experience in the termite and pest control business. B&E Pest Control is known for its quality work and customer service.

read more › B&E Pest Control provides home owners with top notch pest control services. There are many other annoying bugs out there besides termites that need to be handled and we have years of experience in place to handle them. That is why we use the best products available to keep them out of your house. You may find a bunch of dead bugs around your house the next day, but it's better than a bunch of live bugs! Another poisonous spider found in Oklahoma is the brown recluse. They can be identified by a violin shape pointing to the rear of the spider on the abdomen.

read more › There are plenty of bugs out there, but termites can be some of the most brutal. They might not attack someone directly, but they sure will attack their wallets as they cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages to a home. Luckily B&E Pest Control can help protect you and your home from these types of problems. Our employees have been certified by the state to treat your home following all of the rules and standards the state requires without cutting any corners. Many termite companies will skip steps they don't see necessary, especially when it gets hot outside and they're ready to go home.

read more › Termites can be serious business and can cause major damage to homes when left unchecked. We will search every part of your house to find the buggers and put your mind at ease. Many companies will take advantage of customers and simply shine a flashlight at a wall as they walk through your home. Others might not be willing to put in the effort to look in the harder to reach places, some might not even be certified to check for termites! We offer competitively prices termite inspections for residential and commercial buildings.

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