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The same pesticides, pest control products used by professional pest control operators are available for you to use in your home and business. Let us show you how to safely do a professional job using the best pest control supplies available. Our product line features Bedlam, Demon WP, Tempo, Bora-Care, B&G Sprayers, Safeguard Animal Traps and many other pest control supplies used by professionals and available to you for do it yourself pest control!

Asian Lady Bug/ Lady Beetle Infestations, Fireants and other household pests. Drione Dust, Bellows Duster - Drione Dust is applied to cracks & crevices with duster to kill hidden bedbugs. GALLERY OF PEST AND ANIMALS - Search here to find the pests that concern you. You will find helpful hints on the biology and control of household pests as well as pests of lawns and ornamentals.

Bed Bugs, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Roaches, Silverfish, Snakes, Rats, Mice and dozens of other pests listed. Other animals of interest that are not typically considered as pests are also listed for those seeking information for school projects or general education and fun.

read more › Each insect, bug or household pest information page provides you with the habits, biology, life cycle, food sources, control methods (pesticide, non-pesticide) and other important information needed to rid your home or business of unwanted spiders, rats, mice, wildlife, scorpions, household insects. Certain animals are listed for educational information only. The Island Fox, for example is not considered a pest and several sub-species are on the endangered species list. Students are encouraged to browse this site for animal and insect information.

read more › This is an alphabetical listing of professional pest control products. Products for controlling lawn or garden diseases: Plant Disease Catalog. Ultraviolet traps, live animal traps and rodent removal products also have special pages. CB-Air Devil a.i. Cypermethrin 1.0% Low odor aerosol that provides rapid control of residential and industrial pests. The quick knockdown of Cypermethrin kills the following pests: Cockroaches, Waterbugs, Spiders, Earwigs, Crickets, Sow bugs, Millipedes, Centipedes, Booklice, Silverfish, Ants, Grain Weevils (and numerous pantry pests), Boxelder Bugs, Elm Leaf Beetles, clover Mites, Carpenter Ants and Termites.

read more › UPS and USPS will not pick up and will not deliver packages in observance of the holiday. When tracking orders or figuring possible delivery days, remember not to count day shipped, weekends or holidays. Please place orders early so that we can get products to you in a timely manner. A special thanks to all armed forces personnel who keep us safe and protect our freedom to worship and to celebrate as we wish.

read more › Professional Pest Control Products ships most orders via United Parcel Service (UPS) and USPS Size and contents of package, area where packages are to be shipped and other variables are considered before a carrier is chosen. To receive your tracking information, simply call our toll free number or send an e-mail from our Contact US page. We can than send you tracking information. The following links will connect you with United States Postal Service and UPS tracking forms.

read more › Many different materials can be packaged in aerosol form. Insecticide aerosols can be used for crack and crevice work (for roaches, pantry pests, etc.) or can be purchased in metered aerosol cans for use in fly machines or misters. Insecticides and odor control air fresheners packaged in metered aerosols generally are "metered" to deliver 3,000 precise sprays - each can will spray 3,000 times. If you need a quick kill for wasps or hornets, use Wasp Freeze wasp and hornet spray. Aerosols cannot be shipped via air delivery; they must be shipped via ground service.

read more › Each pest management job can require one or more bait formulations. Every ant infestation can require a different method of baiting, one or more specific attractants and one or more formulation types (bait stations, granular bait, liquid bait or gel.) Before choosing a bait, you should decide if an ant bait is suitable for the job. There are certain ant species that rarely accept baits while other ants will accept or take your bait without eliminating your infestation. Crazy Ants will initially accept several types of baits but soon desert the material once the insecticide contained in the bait is detected by the colony.

read more › Fireants and carpenter ants are easy to recognize for most pest control technicians. Crazy ants, Argentine ants, Pharaoh ants, Ghost ants and others can be difficult to control if they have not been identified and treated with the proper products and pest control methods. Ant control must begin with correctly identifying the particular pest that has invaded a home, business, school or other building. After identifying your ant, you can then study pest control methods and which type of products should be used for safe elimination of ant colonies.

read more › Safeguard's animal traps are used by professionals in the Pest Control industry as well as consumers to trap and relocate nuisance animals. Constructed of heavy gauge wire and reinforced with welded steel rods, our animal traps are of exceptional strength and durability. This is a complete line of traps ranging in sizes as small as mouse, rat and chipmunk to live traps large enough to use when trapping armadillo, raccoons, coyote, fox and large dogs. Our humane live traps come in a variety of sizes to suit your particular nuisance wildlife needs.

read more › This is the basic information needed for bed bug control and products used in bed bug control. Put simply, you will need an insecticide for residual on bed frames, baseboards, etc. as well as an insecticide dust for application to areas where bed bugs hide but where sprays do not reach. Delta Dust applied with a hand bellows duster does an excellent job. Gentrol can be added to your insecticide spray for an extra edge in bed bug control. Bedlam is an aerosol which can be applied to mattresses and other sensitive areas.

read more › Box Elder bugs do not bite, but their piercing-sucking mouthparts can sometimes puncture skin, causing slight irritation. Their droppings make quite a mess and these pests can accumulate in great numbers in your home if left unchecked. Warm temperatures (found in buildings such as your home) interfere with their natural cycles and biology, causing them to reproduce year-round in unwanted areas -- your home! The boxelder bug is a common pest over much of the United States. Adults are about 1/2 inch long, bright red or black in color with narrow reddish lines on their back.

read more › When encountering black, almost round bees buzzing around their home most people do not know the difference between the bumble bee and carpenter bee. There are two basic things to note that should quickly let you know which bee you are seeing: location and activity of bee and certain physical characteristics of the bee. Carpenter bees are most often noticed while they are building and tending to their nests which are simple, round openings in wood structures. If you see a bee that is boring out a perfectly round hole in wood, it is a carpenter bee.

read more › Roach infestations (large or small) can be eliminated by using any of a variety of pest control tools including bug sprays, roach baits, insecticide dusts. Knowing which type of roaches you have in your home will give you better information on its natural habitat, how it enters your home, its preferred foods. Each roach elimination job might require a different method for controlling roaches. Information includes description, general biology, pest management tips and elimination procedures for roaches.

read more › Cypermethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid class of insecticide that is found in Cyper WP, Cynoff EC, Cynoff WP, Demon EC, Demon WP pesticide concentrates. These products are used extensively by pest control professionals in the control of most household pests. This material is very active against a wide variety of household pests but works especially well for yellowjackets, wasps, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, German cockroaches, ants, spiders and scorpions. Choose the product size and formulation that best suits your needs.

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