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Insects and rodents can be more than a frustration, they can be a serious health and safety concern for your home and family. We believe in protecting homes and families from pests through our environmentally friendly, All Season Service in Colorado Springs. Ants are the number 1 nuisance pest in America. While their types and varieties vary greatly, some can do damage to your home.

Ants are social insects that live in colonies typically contain tens of thousands of workers and queen ants can live many years. Contact us now for dependable Pest Control in Colorado Springs. With Colorado's changing weather, mice are often found in garages, fields, basements and attics deepening on the time of year. Mice spread a number of diseases directly, by contamination of human food by their urine and feces and indirectly, by rodent fleas and mites.

Mice have incredible body structures that allow them to fit into 1/4 inch holes. Mice are usually seen inside a home in search of food or shelter. Deft Pest Solutions is your premier option for pest control in Colorado Springs.

read more › Deft is locally owned and operated in Colorado Springs by Danny Bajza and Beau Bajza. Our focus is providing the customer with the highest quality residential pest service and a top notch customer experience. Beau was born and raised in Colorado Springs. He graduated UCCS with a degree in finance. He always felt that one day he would like to own his own business, but wasn't sure where his path would lead. Deft has given him the opportunity to serve the community that he has always loved. Born and raised in Colorado Springs Danny pursued a professional career in Motocross and Supercross until his early twenties.

read more › Rats can also cause significant damage to your home and furniture by gnawing wood and plastic. Mice and rodents can even cause fires by gnawing electrical lines in homes and vehicles. Do you suspect mice have invaded your home? Do you hear noises in your home? Homes (basements, attics, and crawlspaces) are perfectly suited for rats and mice. Damage to stored objects and electrical cables is not uncommon which can cause fires. Inspect your home and look for visible signs of habitation, entry points, urine, and signs of habitation, such as droppings.

read more › Yellow jackets can nest in the air, on the ground, and on the side of buildings, making them quite the nuisance. Yellow jackets are aggressive defenders of these colonies so you don't want to remove their nests on your own and you don't want to learn the hard way - yellow jackets can sting repeatedly, and their stings can be very painful. Thus, it's best to leave it to the experts at Deft Pest who have years of experience with yellow jacket control in CO Springs. With years of experience serving the pest removal needs of families throughout Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas, you can trust that Deft Pest Solutions understands the need to protect one's home and family.

read more › Cockroaches are one of the most prolific and repulsive pests that could easily infest homes probably this is the reason they are common household pests. It is said that a cockroach could live about one week without its head and has a very high reproduction rate, thus making a very horrible situation if not treated on time. The cockroaches are nocturnal insects, therefore, they prefer to live, hide and feed in the dark moist places e.g behind refrigerators, sinks, and stoves, as well as under floor drains, inside motors and many other appliances.

read more › Springtails are tiny jumping pests that seldom scare homeowners by emerging in vast quantities in humid indoor spaces such as kitchen sinks, bathtubs, and in the soil of houseplants. They may also be found outdoors in swimming pools, wet landscaped areas, and on the surface of mud puddles. They usually appear in the springtime and early summer, but they can also be found year-round in moist environments. Because they are known for jumping when disturbed, springtails are sometimes confused with fleas.

read more › If a mysterious pest has destroyed your garden or indoor plants, it's a good bet the pincher bug, also know as the earwig is to blame. Adult earwigs grow to around an inch and a half long, and they tend to look pretty scary with two large pincers sticking out from their abdomen. Despite how dangerous they look, earwigs don't bite or sting and their pincers don't contain any venom or poisons. While they may not bite you or crawl inside your ears, these pests can invite themselves on your property and cause some trouble.

read more › Since crickets are globally common insects, they can easily be found in your homes. They tend to look for a warmer place to spend the winter, that's when they end up settling in your house. They are usually found in the basement and dark places of the home because they are nocturnal insects. If they start to breed in your home, they can cause a lot of damage, especially to paper products, carpets, clothes, furniture, and even walls. Crickets can affect crops because they feed on young seeds and plants, being able to destroy an entire field if not dealt with in time.

read more › Spiders provide a very valuable service by eating other pests that can wreak havoc in your home, but when an infestation begins or the wrong type of spiders decided to move into your home, Deft Pest Solutions is ready to help control the problem and provide efficient spider extermination and control in Fountain, CO. Black Widow spiders are common in Colorado and can pose a significant threat to you, your family, and any pets that may live inside your home. It's important to contact us right away for Black Window removal if you suspect that they are present.

read more › Our ant and pest control company is the best solution to eliminate ants in the long term: Deft Pest Solutions is a quick call away to get rid of ants and offers you a professional ants removal and ant prevention protection services to eliminate that problem permanently. First, our expert technicians identify the species of ants that invade your home, the cause and the extent of the ant infestation. Deft Pest Solutions hires only certified and licensed technicians. Following this, our certified technician will decide on the appropriate ants' treatment.

read more › Most hornet and wasp infestations are clearly visible with the presence of a nest, which is usually suspended above the ground. Most nests are in the eaves of homes, but sometimes they can make nests in trees and other structures above ground. In rare cases, wasps can make harborage in the ground, especially around gardens and mulch areas. There will also be workers flying around the nest and nearby areas if there is an infestation. Avoiding contact with hornets and wasps are key to prevent being stung.

read more › Deft Pest Solutions is focused on doing the right thing. We will protect your home and family from common pests. Our service is environmentally friendly and we are available during all seasons to help you live comfortably in your home without unwanted guests! We have an expert team who can complete effective extermination while ensuring the safety of your family. Our goal is to be certain that your home remains a safe, clean place, and our method of mice control enables us to maintain that commitment to you without damage to your home.

read more › In Colorado Springs, nothing beats the warm weather returning as ice melts from the trails and spring brings a new year of outdoor fun and adventure. Unfortunately, the warmer weather often brings other things with it - such as spiders, ants, wasps, and other common pests - the last thing anyone wants inside of their own home! As the premier provider of effective pest control in Colorado Springs, Deft Pest Solutions is committed to providing exceptional pest control services in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.

read more › Nobody enjoys getting stung, and we all feel worried when a nest appears on our home. Wasp stings are painful, but they can also be dangerous to you, your family, and your pets. Certain species of wasps are able to break down materials and gain access to the inside of your home, shed, or garage where they can cause significant damage to your interior spaces as well as the structural integrity of your home. Therefore, it's important to contact Deft Pest Solutions for Wasp & Hornet control in Falcon, CO.

read more › Most of us think that it's bad enough that spiders have 8 legs, but centipedes can have well over 100! These creepy, crawling creatures are not actually insects, but are known to entomologists as "anthropods, " and they are one of the most common pests to be found in backyards and basements across Colorado. If you are seeing these scary insects appear in your home, you need centipede pest control in Monument, CO. Because centipedes eat insects to survive, they are typically found in the very same places - especially the areas of your home that are known to trap moisture, such as cracks and crevices in the basement, underneath bathroom cabinets, in window wells, or in the mulch barriers around your foundation.

read more › Pueblo is home to a robust culture along the Arkansas river, but unfortunately it is also home to numerous species of spiders and scorpions. Because Pueblo residents commonly deal with some dangerous types of spiders, such as black widows and brown recluses, a spider infestation should always be handled by professionals who are equipped to deal with them safely! Spiders and scorpions are not insects - they are arachnids, and they require targeted treatments and different kinds of products to effectively handle them.

read more › For small business pest control in Colorado Springs, there no one better than Deft Pest Solutions. Our All-Season Pest Program packages quality service and affordability so small business owners can have the confidence that their properties are protected all throughout Colorado's ever changing weather conditions without breaking the bank. Bugs react to changes in weather and different bugs pose different threats depending on the season, so when it comes to small business pest control in Colorado Springs, you want to go with a company that understands the unique pests in the area along with their habits through the seasons.

read more › After the cold winter has given way to the beautiful sunshine Colorado Springs is known for, it often brings with it a resurgence of unwanted guests - namely, ants and spiders! Learn more about ant & spider control in Colorado Springs. Ants are one of the most common pests in the world, including in Colorado Springs. Ants live in large colonies and send workers out to find food to bring back to their nests. Because the workers leave a scented pheromone trail wherever they find food, so even if you kill the ants that you can see, other ants will keep coming, damaging your yard and in the worst cases trailing into your kitchen.

read more › Read about pests that invade your home in the winter, and how Deft Pest Solutions can help you! After the first snowfall each winter in Colorado, we often get calls from people who are perplexed - the summer weather is gone, and they don't see insects flying around outside anymore, but they are finding more pests than ever inside of their home! For many people, there is a perception that cold weather means that pests have died off for the year, but this is simply not true. It is important to keep up barriers for winter pest control in Colorado Springs.

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