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Certified Pest Solutions Finding the pests can make you feel out of control. We are certified pest control solutions experts that will exterminate bugs and pests, and get rid of them for good. All our work is fully warrantied. You can trust that you're getting the highest quality of pest control solutions for your home. Certified Pest Control Solutions is a 3rd generation family owned and operated company with over 35 years of experience in the pest control industry.

Owner Dean Ballowe started working in the pest control industry while still in high school. Now his two sons Lucas and Marcus are also expert exterminators with many years of experience. Whether its bees, birds, bats, rats, or other wildlife, call Certified Pest Control Solutions for help when you need an exterminator.

read more › Now, Dean has his two sons, Lucas and Marcus involved in the family business and they both share the same passion and commitment as their father. Nothing is more exciting to Dean than to be able to work every day with his sons. Dean considers everyone involved in his company his extended family. They bring to the table the same passion and commitment as Dean. This reflects in CERTIFIED PEST SOLUTIONS, INC. customer service and commitment to solving your pest problems. This he feels separates and puts his company above the rest.

read more › Relatively small bugs about 3/16-inch long 1/8-inch wide, broadly oval, flat, brown to reddish-brown. a tell tale sign of bed bug activity would be "blood spots". Carpenter Ants enter buildings to nest or forage. They don't eat wood ( Like Termites ) but excavate their nest in wood, creating smooth tunnels and galleries. Nests of these species can often be found in trees, in the ground, attached to houses and in structures. This is a social insect living in large colonies ranging from 20,000 - 80,000 bees.

read more › Bats, generally beneficial because of their ravenous appetite for insects are most often the victims of public ignorance and fear. Nevertheless, the fear of bats shared by a large segment of the public has possibly saved lives because rabies occurs in 4% to 6% of some bat populations. This instilled fear of bats has probably kept children, in particular, as well as adults from being bitten. Picking up a live bat found on the ground may be tempting, but such bats MAY be rabid. Several bat species have adapted readily to small openings in human-made structures.

read more › Moles are notorious for the damage they cause to reidential lawns, sod nurseries, golf courses, parks, and gardens. They can create many tunnels and because of their displacement of dirt, unsitely mounds of dirt. Moles can be controlled by several methods - Trapping, Chemical control, and Fumigants. Squirrels can cause damage or become a nuisance to the homeowner when they use buildings for nesting sites and food storage or when they gnaw into attics to take up residence. They can also move into spaces between walls and floors.

read more › Q: I think I have bed bugs! What should I do? First, make sure by using our insect identification page. If you still think you have bed bugs, do not throw out your bed. Not only could this spread the infestation, but your new bed be re-infested. Also, if you switch beds (another room, etc.) after sleeping in a bed bug infested bed, you may bring the bed bugs to the new bed. Keep calm and call us immediately. Our qualified exterminators in the Buffalo, Rochester and surrounding Western New York areas will take great care of you ASAP.

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