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Go Surprise Pest Control Life is busy enough as it is, you don't need a pest in your home making things tougher than they already are. We have been honored to serve Surprise, Arizona and the Phoenix area for pest control. Surprise is one of those cities that is, well, just a surprise. The original founder of the city didn't know what she was talking about when she named the city Surprise because she would be surprised if the city turned into anything.

Well she would be surprised for sure, the city of Surprise is a wonderful place to be with great people. We are so honored to be a part of a city that puts the community first. As of right now even with all the corporations that have migrated to Surprise, the largest employer is the city's school system. That number shows a lot about the city and where the priorities are.

It is our goal to keep life in Surprise focused on what is important to the community and one way to do that is to keep pests off of the residents minds. Contact one of our professionals to allow us to keep your home pest free.

read more › Go Surprise Pest Control is recognized as the leading pest control company in the greater Phoenix and Surprise area with our quality service and affordable prices. It has been our goal since we started to be a company that provides a quality experience for customers being our number one goal. We are honored to be able to service residential and commercial customers in the West Valley of the Phoenix area as well as Surprise, AZ. If you have a pest infestation we are able to service your pest problem.

read more › Most likely the most expensive thing you have purchased in Arizona is your home and what a great investment it is. This property and home is your place of comfort to sit, relax, host family dinners, and lay your head at night. You have worked hard to have a place to be proud of and unfortunately the pests and creatures of Arizona are not very understanding. In our hot desert heat these Arizona pests are looking for cooler temps and moisture which you provide plenty of inside your home. Many of the pests in Arizona are small enough to get through the tiniest crack or follow plumbing pipes to moisture in your home.

read more › We have serviced commercial building in the Surprise and Phoenix area for years. There are very few things more embarrassing for your business that a customer or employee seeing a pest. In today's world of fast paced social media it is very common for 600 hundred people to have heard about a pest someone spotted at your building within minutes of the incident actually happening. Possibly hours before someone has even informed the company of the situation or you may have in fact heard about the problem at your building via social media before an employee even notified you.

read more › If you see ants you are not alone. It does not take much work for ants to find a way into your property as they come in looking for nourishment. This invisible trail becomes an ant highway of these pests coming and going. Most likely you have tried to kill these ants by purchasing some form of spray at the local home improvement store. Unfortunately these sprays you can purchase are a general spray and not specific for the ant you might be facing. This spray might exterminate the ant you see, but it is not dealing with the aroma trail they left and is not treating the ant that is heading back to it's colony.

read more › Bed Bugs are a disgusting little bug that have one type of nourishment they feed off of and that is the blood of humans and animals. These bugs prefer a warm climate so your bed is the perfect habitat for them under the sheets where it is nice and warm. They do not have to be nocturnal, but they do most of their activity and feeding at night. The bite of a bed bug is usually not noticeable as far as feeling it happen, but some people will wake up with a rash or bit bumps. The bed bug is not known to transfer diseases to humans, but you are most likely to have an allergic reaction, a rash, or possible phycological effects from the bites.

read more › Arizona is home to a few different types of bees such as the honey bee, or the property damaging carpenter bee, but the bee that most people are concerned about in Arizona is the "killer bee." The killer bee is actually the africanized honey bee, but picked up the name killer bee because of deaths it has caused. The killer bees are documented all the time on the Arizona news from a swarm attacking people and sending the group of people to the hospital. The sing of this killer bee is about as strong as being stung by a honey bee, but the difference is in the aggressiveness of the killer bees.

read more › In may shock you to know there are just under 5,000 types of cockroaches in the world, but only 30 types of "roaches" are known to take up habitation in homes. But 30 different types is enough to cause plenty of problems. These pests are very strong with the ability to survive freezing temperatures to desert like temperatures. The warmer the climate the larger the roach which is not comforting in Arizona. Cockroaches are social pests who like to be in large groups or colonies. It is believed that cockroaches give off an odor to help them distinguish between different colonies or family groups.

read more › Arizona being a desert land is home to a lot of weird and dangerous creatures. One of the creatures to be cautious around is the scorpion and Arizona is home to more than 50 different types of the scorpion. There are two types of scorpions most commonly found in residents or buildings in the Phoenix, Arizona area. The most dangerous one that is found is the Bark Scorpion with it's venomous sting. The sting of this dangerous creature can bring on immediate medical need especially in children. With rodents or other pests there is usually some form of trail or droppings left for signs that these pests might be in your home.

read more › Rodents from the latin word 'gnaw' explains the damage that these pests can do. Most of the rodents that we come across in Arizona are front teeth chewing creatures. These disease carrying rodents have a harmful bite that will send most people to the hospital. In recent days the west nile virus has been a common disease passed on by these nasty rodents. They are looking for a more comfortable climate to set up a nest in and will chew through sections of your home to get into a wall to set up that nest.

read more › There are thousands of types of spiders, but Arizona is home to a few dangerous spiders. The Tarantula is a very well known spider in the state of Arizona, but there are also the smaller and sneakier Brown Recluse and Black Widow spiders. These spiders are listed among the deadliest of spiders to humans and most dangerous to older adults and young children. If you think by any chance you were bitten by one of these spiders it is important to seek immediate medical attention. Spiders are quiet pests that sneak into the darkest of corners and set up homes under things.

read more › Like any other city in the U.S. we are home to termites. It doesn't take much knowledge to know that termites are nasty little pests that will eat right through your home. These are not a pest that want to bite you, sting you, or eat your food. No these nasty pests want to eat through your most important investment which is your home. It is common that you would not be aware of the silent damage being done to your home as these quiet pests begin to eat away at your home. Most termite damage is actually spotted by a contractor during a home remodel or a professional pest control company who was called out for an inspection.

read more › Birds are a beautiful creature to watch and to hear singing in your trees. There are a few birds that will setup home at your property that instead of singing will do damage and harm to your property, also causing potential damage to your health. Sparrows and pigeons are not your normal tree nesting bird that sings you beautiful morning songs. These birds enjoy setting up a nest in the eves of your home or attic tearing up portions of your home to set up their nests. The real harm comes from all the droppings they leave all over your home and down the sides of your walls.

read more › Home to Nascar's famous Phoenix International Raceway, Avondale is a gorgeous Arizona town. Avondale was founded in the 1940s but didn't experience it's large rate of growth until the 1980s. This popular city was once just farmland, fields full of alfalfa and cotton are now full of shopping centers, grocery stores, and schools. In the 1980s Avondale experienced a large growth in residential homes as well as corporations moving into the area. No one knows if it was just a lack of land in Phoenix or people just moving out from the busy areas to a quieter community.

read more › Home to the University of Phoenix Stadium where the Arizona Cardinals NFL team plays and also known as the antique capital of Arizona. In the 1800s the area where Glendale was founded was all desert. The founder of the town William Murphy was in charge of building a 40 mile canal in Arizona. Murphy a well known developer who was deeply in debt helped develop the railway system from Prescott to Phoenix. Along the railway route Murphy developed the area now known as Glendale, he named it Glendale hoping to welcome potential settlers and investors to the area.

read more › A town founded in the early 1900s after purchasing about 16,000 sqft of land from the Goodyear Tire and Rubber company. During this time the Goodyear factory was producing cotton from the fields for their tire treads. In the 1940s the town of Goodyear became important during the World War II as an airport was build there to ship needed goods for the war such as tires and cotton. In 1946 Goodyear was officially founded as a town, by 1985 they were officially called a city. Today the city is almost 100,000 people living there and home to two major league baseball teams for spring training.

read more › A large suburb city of Phoenix, Arizona and home to two major league baseball teams spring training facilities. Peoria, Arizona ranks as the 6th largest city in Arizona based on land mass and 9th in population. In the summer of 2008 Peoria was listed in the Top 100 places to live in the U.S. When the town of Peoria was being founded the founder convinced four farmers and their families from Illinois to settle there. They decided to name the town after their former hometown in Illinois called Peoria, Illinois.

read more › The beautiful temperatures of Phoenix, Arizona have brought numerous amounts of people to the area to avoid winter temps elsewhere in the U.S. These snowbirds are very popular in the area and have been apart of many retirement communities in Arizona. Sun City, Arizona was originally developed to be a retirement community for about 10,000 people. During the grand opening weekend of this newly developed community over 100,000 people showed up that were interested. This obviously sent developers back to the discussion room to find a way to welcome all of these snowbird in.

read more › With the large interest in Sun City, Arizona developers began developing more retirement communities. Sun City West became the next development and was just as popular with snowbirds as the original development. There are tons of options in Sun City West for retirees with shopping centers, golf courses, grocery stores, and restaurants. It is a very popular place to relax and enjoy the retirement you have worked so hard for. A pest control plan in place to protect your home while you are away for parts of the year is extremely important so you do not come home to an infestation.

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