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Harps No Risk Pest Control Harp's No-Risk Pest Control is a locally and family-owned business. Our passion is protecting the homes and businesses throughout our southern Florida service area. Since 1951, we have been providing reliable, professional pest control services. Our clients choose us because of our experience, skill, and knowledgeable pest control services. We will inspect and treat for crawling insects from inside and outside of your home or business.

Our skilled technicians attempt to control pests with very minimal disruption to your routine. We use safe and effective pest control products and practices that meet federal guidelines. We use the Sentricon(R) Always Active(R) Termite Colony Elimination System. Homeowners Insurance doesn't usually cover termite damage, but Harp's will! Termites pose a serious threat to all the buildings and structures in southwest Florida.

Every year in Florida, over 700 million dollars' worth of damage occurs as a result of termite infestation. Harp's provides effective termite elimination and control services.

read more › No-Risk has been protecting people, property, and pets for over 60 years in southwest Florida. In 1960 our Naples office was devastated by hurricane Donna. After several moves we are now located on Golden Gate Parkway, next to the Collier County Housing Authority. After working for No-Risk for several years, Jean Harp bought the company from A.W. Deason. Jean became president of the Florida Pest control Association, prior to his retirement in 1980. His son David, who started working there in 1975, after his enlistment in the United States Air Force, became the general manager.

read more › There are insects everywhere. You could see rodents, crawling pests, and more. These bugs can infest your home and could carry disease or someone in your home could be allergic to the pest. At Harp's Pest Control we work with dedication to make sure our clients are safe in their homes. We also offer pest control to our local businesses. When you operate a business its important to make sure your customers feel safe and comfortable. Don't lose business because of bugs or other pests! Harp's Pest Control does not make you sign an annual contract.

read more › Harp's No-Risk Pest Control of Naples, Florida, provides termite control for businesses and homeowners in Collier and Lee Counties. We install The Sentricon(R) Always Active(R) Termite Colony Elimination System. This advanced system provides protection for your home against termites and the damage that they do. To get effective termite control, call us today at (239) 348-1900. Termites can easily be the most costly and destructive pests that invade your home or commercial property. Termites are massive breeders and invade structures to consume wood and wooden products.

read more › Rodents like mice and rats pose serious health risks. This happens when they come into contact with human habitats. Harp's No-Risk Pest control offers experienced rodent control services. We will get rid of mice or rats at your home or business, with service in Collier and Lee County, Florida. Bait stations are a popular choice for mice and rat control. The bait station provides a place for the rodents to eat. This makes them feel secure and they will eat the bait. But, you will need to keep pets, livestock, wildlife, and children away from the bait because it is toxic.

read more › Harp's No-Risk Pest Control offers lawn and landscape treatments to give your yard health and color. All the insecticide and fungicide treatments that we use on your lawn and shrubs are federally approved. Our treatments are safe. Our fertilizers are a special formula made for the southwest Florida climate. They are slow-release, granular fertilizers for best use in our geographic soil and climate. The treatments are specific for your needs. If you have a white fly infestation, contact Harp's immediately to schedule a control service.

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