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ANTEX Exterminating Ready to take back your home from invading pests? Turn to the professional exterminators at ANTEX Exterminating. We offer comprehensive pest control services, including extermination, crawl space repair, and mold remediation. We help homeowners throughout Fayetteville, Pinehurst, and other surrounding communities. Whether you're dealing with bees, mice, rats, cockroaches, ants, termites, bees, bedbugs, fleas, or silverfish, we know how to exterminate all types of pests.

Contact ANTEX Exterminating to request extermination services for your home. Call 910-882-0099 or 910-295-5881 and schedule an estimate today! From pest control to repairing structural damage, ANTEX Exterminating will do it all to save you time and money! As a locally owned and operated company, we value connecting with each of our customers to provide a customized solution for their specific needs.

We commit to offering our clients effective solutions. ANTEX Exterminating consults with homeowners and business owners throughout North Carolina.

ANTEX Exterminating provides a wide range of pest control, protection, and repair services to ensure your home or office will not be further damaged by a multitude of silent pests or unforeseen structural issues. Our experienced team repairs crawl spaces, controls and removes pests, and installs preventative systems to combat structural damage from

Are termites taking over your property? Turn to ANTEX Exterminating. We offer professional termite control and management services for residential and commercial properties throughout Fayetteville, NC, and the surrounding areas. Termites chew through construction materials, siding, pipes, concrete, and damage various parts of your building's structure

Mice and rats may make popular pets, but as wild animals living in your home, they are a serious problem. ANTEX Exterminating offers professional rodent management services to protect your space from infestations. Wild rodents carry various diseases and their waste also builds up over time. We help eliminate rodents and restore your space to the comfortable

ANTEX Exterminating conquers ant invasions on residential and commercial properties. We possess the tools and knowledge to completely remove all species of ants, including carpenter, moisture, winged, fire, and a handful of other ants. We understand over-the-counter traps, baits, and sprays are not effective. We keep new colonies from reproducing by

At ANTEX Exterminating, we prove cockroaches can't live forever. If roaches are taking over your home or business, turn to our knowledgeable team. We offer residential and commercial cockroach extermination services. We will completely remove roaches from your space. We provide free, no-obligation cockroach control quotes. Contact our professional team

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