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Pinnacle Pest Control Pinnacle Pest in Stockton is one of the area's leading Pest Control companies, provide reliable and effective services to eliminate insects and rodents. Our Pest Control programs are designed to suit your needs and are based on your type of problem. Our technicians provide services for single- and multi-family homes, condos, co-ops, and apartment buildings.

They also work with commercial properties, including food processing facilities, restaurants, school, medical offices, office building, and many other types of locations. At Pinnacle Pest, we understand that every building is unique, so we tailor our services to our customer's specific needs. We will provide one-time services as needed, and we also offer regularly scheduled service throughout the year.

Our experienced technicians here at Pinnacle Pest in Stockton, will work hard to meet and exceed your expectations. All of our professional, uniformed technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured. Experience counts as our technicians will notice things that a homeowner might miss.

read more › At Pinnacle Pest of Stockton, we are committed to giving every residential and commercial client the best possible service. We bring to your door our world-class experience and a personal touch that can only be offered by a locally-owned and operated pest extermination company. Our staff of trained, professional, and certified technician will work to exceed customers' expectations and building brand loyalty, one customer at a time. When you have Pinnacle Pest Control as your exterminator contractor, you can rest assured that we will resolve your pest problems quickly and effectively.

read more › The best time to protect your home or business from pests or rodents is before you have a problem. If you have a pest control problem, call Pinnacle Pest in Stockton today. Our professional technicians will resolve your issues effectively and efficiently. Insect and rodents create an unsafe environment in your home. For a business, insects and rodents can negatively impact your reputation and your bottom line and is a source of embarrassment. With social media reviews so prevalent, one bad review mentioning mice or cockroaches can live on for a long time and hurt your business.

read more › Mice and Rats will leave droppings wherever they go. They will also gnaw through practically anything including the packages in your cupboard and on your counter. If you see these signs, then you probably have a rodent problem. Whether you have one mouse or an infestation of rats, rodents of any type can significantly impact your business's reputation and bottom line. Pinnacle Pest Control's technicians will perform a free comprehensive survey of your property. This free survey is to determine if you have a rodent infestation or a problem with other pests.

read more › Termites cause homeowners hundreds of millions of dollars a year in damage. If you have a termite infestation, the good news is that we treat termites without extensive termite fumigation with dangerous chemicals in your home. Pinncle Pest's Termite Control is ready to step in and clear your home of termites with a customized plan based on your specific needs. We use fewer synthetic pesticides as we go to great lengths to keep your family safe. We use safe, botanical, plant-based treatments along with traditional methods, if necessary, in an integrated pest management approach.

read more › When you have termites, the first thought is that you will have to leave your home, pack up the food, move the plants, and put the pets in a pet hotel for days. Fumigation can be an extreme inconvenience. When we treat your home with Orange Oil Termite Treatments, there is no need to leave the house, and the family dog can stay home as well. Orange Oil is a renewable resource that comes from oranges. Orange oil is not a synthetic chemical. It is natural! The best part is that the state of California has not classified Orange Oil Termite Treatment as a toxic air contaminant.

read more › Termites are incredibly destructive and troubling. You might not realize you have a problem until the damage is already done. Since termites eat wood from the inside out, by the time you see them, there is already significant damage. Our trained, expert inspectors know the tell-tale signs of a termite infestation. Once they understand what you are dealing with, they can develop a remediation plan that is right for your specific circumstances. Stockton Pest Control Termite Inspectors will complete a full inspection of your property.

read more › The issue of Bed Bugs has been a growing problem over the last several years. The thought of having bed bugs in your home can be scary and unnerving. Bed bugs will infest areas where people and pets tend to be, such as beds, couches, chairs, or even the floors and carpets. Bed bugs need to be near people, as opposed to most pests which will actively hide, since they feed on the blood of its host, whether it is human, dog, cat, or whatever other pets you may have. Based in Stockton and operating in the surrounding areas, Stockton Pest Control provides various services related to diagnosing a bed bug infestation and developing a plan to eradicate the infestation.

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