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EnviroTech Exterminating I highly recommend Envirotech. Billy showed up when scheduled, explained everything, and did a thorough job all around my house. I appreciate people that take pride in their work these days. Sometime between two and three years ago my house was attacked by the Great Ant Invasion. I found EnviroTech online, called them up and haven't had a problem since.

Billy has been phenomenal. His product/technique has kept my half acre of house, pool and yard insect free since his first visit. He is prompt, efficient and patient with my schedule constraints. Love this business and highly recommend! As owners of rental properties it is important to have a professional exterminator in your contacts. We have been using EnviroTech for a couple of years now.

Billy Howard is always professional, informative, and prompt. I will continue using him on all our properties and highly recommend him for yours. Billy Howard was extremely professional! We needed a last minute Termite Inspection to close on a refinance.

read more › Ant Control Services: Ants are highly social creatures that rely on each other to make the colony work. Ants groom each other, feed each other and every ant in the colony has a specialized job to do. Worker ants forage for food and soldier ants protect the workers and colony. Ants are extremely successful creatures that have been doing the exact thing for millions of years. A well established ant colony can be massive having anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 ants. The worker ants can live up to 7 years and a queen ant can live an incredible 15 years.

read more › Cockroaches, are one of the most common insect pests in the Tulsa and Broken Arrow metro area. Roaches are repulsive and carry disease-causing organisms. A Professional Cockroach Service Plan is the best means of controlling these pests. Cockroaches are capable of mechanically transmitting disease organisms such as bacteria, which can cause food poisoning. Recent studies have proven that cockroaches have been found to be a high source of allergy in people, with only house dust causing more allergy issues.

read more › The EnviroTech Exterminating Spider Control Program uses of a line of pest control products that provide longer residual times than our competition offers. Spiders are typically a good thing to have around when they are the right type. Spiders can help keep a good balance of other insects in check and are relatively harmless unless it's a Black Widow Spider or the Brown Recluse Spider. Here's a little information about our spider control program and these spider pests. Recluse or Fiddleback Spiders: These spiders packs a venom that eats away at the flesh.

read more › EnviroTech Exterminating is proud to offer a Mosquito Control Program. This program is designed to assist in controlling Mosquito populations/reduction for our clients. Mosquitoes are a nuisance and health hazard. These pests are known vectors of disease meaning they harbor disease causing organisms and viruses. Disease such as Dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, and Zika virus are the common ones we hear about every year. The mosquito most commonly associated with disease is the Aedes mosquito.

read more › Rodent Control: We understand Rodents, Mice and Rats can be a serious health threat and hazard. Our Rodent Program consists of trapping techniques and baits proven to quickly gain control of these disease spreading rodent pests. At EnviroTech Exterminating, we understand that Rodent Mice and Rats can be a serious threat and health hazard. This is why our rodent control program consists of trapping and baits proven to work quickly to gain control of these disease spreading rodent pests. Our rodent program is available to residential and commercial customers in the Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby and Coweta metro areas.

read more › EnviroTech provides commercial pest control services to a broad range of commercial client needs in the metro area. From rodents to pigeons, termites to general pest control, EnviroTech has a custom solution to fit your unique companies needs. With commercial pest control services available to a broad range of business and facility types, we can help just about any company. Services are available to commercial customers in the Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, Tulsa metro. Green services are also available for sensitive accounts.

read more › Watch EnviroTech Pest Control Service Videos as we remove Skunks, Opossum, Squirrels, Raccoon. Treat homes for Spiders, Bed Bugs, Termites and other Pests. These pest control service videos may be informational, about our services or help you to select a pest control product. Videos will be added about ant control services, termite control services, bed bug treatment services, wildlife removal services and more. EnviroTech Exterminating provides residential and commercial pest control services in the Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks or Tulsa area.

read more › It's hard to find competent service these day's. We all want a good product, a fair, reasonable price and somebody competent to perform the job. This is why I truly believe EnviroTech Exterminating is the perfect choice for your pest control needs. Our termite treatment services are done with care. We have the experience, a tireless work ethic and are driven for success. These traits are what make our service the smart choice. No corners cut, No empty promises, just a quality job done right for you.

read more › Our Termite Inspection Professionals will examine the structure for termite or other wood destroying pest activity. EnviroTech services the Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Bixby, Coweta and Jenks metro. An inspection may be a Full inspection (where all accessible parts of the structure are inspected), or it may be a Limited inspection. If you are in the process of buying a home EnviroTech provides lender required reports. More on that below! First, please understand that there really is no such thing as a "termite" inspection.

read more › Termites and similar pests cause an estimated 30 billion dollars in damages to crops and structures yearly. EnviroTech can help solve any termite issue. Services available in Broken Arrow, Coweta, Bixby, Tulsa and Jenks, Oklahoma. Subterranean Termites are a major concern for anyone who owns property containing any amount of wood or cellulose material. This is virtually all property. In Oklahoma each acre of land averages approximately 18-21 colonies of termites. Considering each colony could potentially have 350,000 or more termites, that's a whole lot of wood destroying power.

read more › Bed bugs are one of the top pest problems in the Tulsa and Broken Arrow Metro area. These pests are tough to control but not tough enough for our specialized bed bug treatment services! EnviroTech is Master Heat Technician Certified. We bring the HEAT and lots of it! With a proper thermal heat treatment, bed bugs are eradicated at all stages of the parasites life cycle. EnviroTech offers the most aggressive heat treatment for bed bugs available locally. Services are available in all Tulsa and Broken Arrow metro areas.

read more › EnviroTech Experts will inspect your residential or commercial property for pests and pest problems, advise about effective treatments and provide services. EnviroTech Exterminating is proud to be Tulsa's #1 Green Pest Control Service Provider. Green Pest Control Services are available for our customers in the Broken Arrow, Jenks & Bixby, Oklahoma metro area. EnviroTech Experts will inspect your residential or commercial property for pests and pest problems, advise about effective treatments and provide a service plan.

read more › EnviroTech Exterminating uses IPM and a combination of green, organic pest control products to lower or reduce synthetic pesticides in your household. It's a great alternative to traditional pest control services. Pest control services don't have to always be done with toxic chemicals. Currently, there are many excellent products available that a pest control company could use and still provide an effective knockdown of pests without the need for synthetic pesticides. The problem is that not all companies are willing to spend the extra money on these products when the alternative is far less expensive to use.

read more › A thorough inspection to identify the species, where they're nesting, and what factors are attracting them. Rodents consume and contaminate food, they also gnaw on electrical wires, wooden structures. Rodents are known to tear insulation in walls and ceilings for nesting. Mice and Rats can transmit disease to humans, pets, and livestock. They have been found to transmit typhus, leptospirosis, trichinosis, and salmonellosis. The presence of mice and rats is usually detected by the damage they cause to food and structures, by their droppings, and by their nests.

read more › Have you got bats in the attic? Bat removal and control is one of the more serious problems for a nuisance wildlife professional. Many species of bats are protected by federal law, so bat removal has to be done properly not to harm the bats. If baby bats are present in the dwelling, it's against the law in most cases to remove them. If babies are present and the parent bats are excluded the babies will likely crawl into the walls and die. In a more severe infestation, the number of baby bats could be in the hundreds with the colony even larger.

read more › EnviroTech's Pigeon Control Services are available for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Properties in the local Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Jenks and Bixby metro area. We Specialize in Industrial Parks. Most people don't fully realize how much of a nuisance problem pigeons really are. Sure these pest birds look all sweet and cute but the damage these birds can create is massive. In controlled populations they seem fairly harmless but when they go uncontrolled these bird pests are highly destructive.

read more › Expert Mole & Gopher Control, Trapping, Eradication Services in Broken Arrow, Bixby, Coweta, Jenks and Tulsa. EnviroTech Exterminating offers Safe and Effective Mole and Gopher Control Services. We specialize in dealing with these burrowing ground pests which destroy yards. Our Mole and/or Gopher services are available to both commercial and residential properties owners. Every yard and burrowing pest infestation is different. EnviroTech provides customized programs for each client based on the unique characteristics each infested property presents.

read more › Opossums are Nuisance Wildlife Pests that can be a real nuisance and are able to cause severe damage to your home. Once opossums have made nests other Opossum will smell their scent and make homes of these nests in the future. Opossums are the largest order of marsupials in North America. These Nuisance Wildlife Animal Pests have a flexible diet and amazing reproductive strategies. Opossums are primarily nocturnal, although in rare circumstances they can be seen during the day. Opossums can range in size from approximately two to three feet long and weigh approximately 10 to 20 pounds.

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