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Backed by a decade of experience and the results to show for it, Advanced Pest Services, LLC is the authority on residential pest control in Greensboro, NC and across the Piedmont Triad. From inspections to understand how bad the infestation is to the integrated pest control services needed to rid your property of bugs and rodents, we answer your call for an exterminator.

From bees and bedbugs to rodents and nearly any other critter that doesn't belong, we'll make sure your unwelcome guests aren't guests for long. Call us today for no-contract pest services. Pests have a nasty habit of finding their way into our homes through even the smallest cracks and crevices. Once they're in, it's difficult to get rid of them and, left unchecked, the problem is sure to grow.

Advanced Pest Services, LLC is ready to help put an end to your pest problem once and for all! As residential pest control experts in Greensboro, NC, we come equipped to deal with the problem in its entirety-whether you've got rats, roaches, bedbugs, bees or some other unwelcome guest.

read more › An insect infestation is something you need to deal with right away, or else it'll only get bigger. Whether it's ants or roaches, Advanced Pest Services, LLC is standing by to help you assess the scope of the problem-and to provide insect control solutions that rid your home of these unwelcome, unwanted guests. We're extremely familiar with all of the creepy crawlies native to the Greensboro, NC area, and we know how to get rid of them the right way. Don't rely on store-bought traps or ineffective sprays.

read more › Bees are our friends, but a prolific hive on your property could pose a hazard to people and pets. If you've got an active hive that's getting bigger, give Advanced Pest Services, LLC a call to have it taken care of. We're experts when it comes to bee control in Greensboro, NC and we'll approach the situation with tact, to ensure a swift solution to bees, before someone gets stung. Is there a persistent swarm of bees on your property, but you can't figure out where they're coming from? Often, bees construct hives out of sight, in places you least expect.

read more › Bedbugs are a nuisance that won't go away unless you specifically treat for them. It's not enough to wash your sheets a few times-bedbugs need specific, targeted chemical treatment to eradicate them. If you notice copper stains on your sheets or wake up with bites, call Advanced Pest Services, LLC for bedbug control in Greensboro, NC. We're well-known throughout the Piedmont Triad for results when it comes to getting rid of these tenacious pests. While some companies recommend high heat and even fumigation to eliminate bedbugs, our bedbug exterminators know better.

read more › Rodents cause all sorts of problems for homeowners-from house damage to health problems and beyond. Don't share your home with rats, mice or other small critters! Instead, call Advanced Pest Services, LLC at the first sign of their presence in your home. Whether it's droppings in your attic or scratch marks by your baseboards, we'll get to the root of the problem and make sure any nests or colonies are swiftly dealt with. Our rodent control techniques go far beyond any store-bought traps or baits.

read more › Dealing with a pest problem in your home? From ants to cockroaches, bees to bedbugs, Advanced Pest Services, LLC is ready to provide you with complete solutions that get rid of your unwanted guests. We bring more than a decade of experience and an integrated pest control approach to homes throughout Greensboro, NC and across the Piedmont Triad. When we leave your home, we're not leaving behind any pests! We also service the pest control needs of commercial properties.

read more › Have used Advanced Pest Services for my quarterly service since moving into my house 16 years ago. Definitely would recommend. This was my first experience with Advanced Pest Control, the owner was very nice and personable. He took the time to complete the services needed and explained everything thoroughly. I couldn't be more pleased and will happily refer them to my family and friends. I had a little pest problem at my house. Called Darryl and he came to my house on the same day I called. Only place that did not make me sign a contract and the cheapest out of all the places I called.

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