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It doesn't matter how many legs they walk on, or whether they fly, crawl, creep, skulk, or slither. Pests are disgusting, and you can't get them out of your home or office fast enough! That's where we come in. We are Apex Pest Control and for many years, we have provided reliable, affordable pest control services to residential and commercial customers throughout Northeast Indiana.

Call our office in Ft. Wayne, IN, for an estimate, or to have an exterminator come to your property. It doesn't matter where you see them, or how many there are. One call, and pests are gone! In the time we've been in the extermination business, we've learned what makes pests tick, and how to ensure that once an infestation is handled, our team will still be there for you!

Since opening our doors, Apex Pest Control has been consistently rated at the top of our service category on the leading consumer review sites. Apex Pest Control is owned and operated by long-time Northeast Indiana residents. That means we know first-hand what pest control problems local home and business owners are most likely to encounter, and how to solve those problems.

read more › Spiders, mice, and other creepy-crawlies aren't so different from us humans. All they're looking for is a nice warm place with a reliable food and water supply in which to make a home and raise their young. When they find that place inside your house or office, that's where Apex Pest Control draws the line! Our Northeast Indiana general pest control experts have the tools and the talent to give all types of pests their official eviction notice, and send a clear message that the welcome mat is withdrawn for all time.

read more › It's a phenomenon so predictable, you can almost set your clock by it. The minute the weather warms up in Northeast Indiana, the bugs and rodents come out to play. Tell them in no uncertain terms that playtime isn't happening in your home, office, or yard, with a little help from Apex Pest Control! We manage and eradicate infestations of all types of pests throughout Ft. Wayne, IN, and the surrounding areas, and are also licensed to perform NPMA-33 inspections for home purchase or refinancing. Whether you see one, or see a hundred or more, you don't need to live with spiders or any other pests for one more second.

read more › You don't know how it happened, or why, but all of a sudden, mice, spiders, wasps, ants, or bedbugs have declared open season on your house! That season will be short lived, when you call Apex Pest Control. For many years, we have built our reputation for solid customer service, and the ability to eradicate bugs and rodents using EPA-approved methods. Whatever you see crawling across your floor, flying around your ceiling, or creeping up your wall, call us in Ft. Wayne, IN, for service throughout Northeast Indiana.

read more › If you've had a pest infestation for any length of time, you're bound to feel shaken and even scared. Calling a pest control company shouldn't add to those feelings. It won't, when you call Apex Pest Control. We are consistently rated 5 stars on the leading consumer review sites, and have scores of satisfied customers willing to vouch for our quality, affordablity, and service in effectively handling all types of pest problems throughout Northeast Indiana. Call our office in Ft. Wayne, IN, for a quote.

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