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Don't let the bugs get to you. If you are having a problem with cockroaches or ants in your home, call Tri-County Pest Control, Orlando, FL! We proudly serve Orlando and surrounding areas with ant and roach control. When cockroaches and / or ants assault your home, call us at (407) 426-8121 A.S.A.P.! We will get rid of those pests quickly and efficiently.

Tri-County Pest Control guarantees our service. We will promptly re-treat at no charge if there are any problems between treatments with ants or roaches. Our treatments are safe for humans and pets but deadly for most other General Household Pests anywhere near where the ant or cockroach treatment is applied.

read more › Some Ants are nothing more than a nuisance pest, while others can cause significant property damage. Determining the type of ants you may be experiencing is the most important step in developing a long term control strategy. Over-the-counter ant control products rarely produce anything more than temporary relief, so it is best to call a professional to rectify the issue for the long term. Our 25 years experience dealing with these common pests has helped develop proven control strategies using baits, gels, residuals, and other reduced material methods that provide complete control with minimal exposure to structure occupants and the environment.

read more › Cockroaches have been associated with the transmission of certain deseases. They have been linked to allergic reactions in children due to fecal deposits. Cockroaches reproduce quickly and are difficult to eliminate without professional help. Most over-the-counter products kill only roaches that are exposed to the materials. Roaches normally prefer the safety of cracks and crevices and may not be immediately exposed by over-the-counter treatments. Our treatment options for cockroaches consist of the use of non-repellent residual insecticides, precision-applied roach baits and trap monitoring to determine treatment effectiveness.

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