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The owner of Pro-Tech, Dan Conrad, is proud of serving the pest control industry for over 3 decades. Dan's training includes completed courses in all aspects of pest control through Purdue University, extensive termite training through Texas A&M coursework, and for our Commercial customers, A.I.B. training to ensure proper treatment guidelines, as well as efficiency.

Each home is different, so a personalized inspection will be done on your home. Pro-Tech will provide you with a written report outlining our findings, as well as any customized recommendations. Licensed, bonded, and insured all work together for the best service possible. Pro-Tech is all three and will guarantee our work for the best professional pest control options possible.

Many factors come into play to properly protect your home against termites. Pro-Tech will provide a complete report specific to your home, complete with a graph that will outline problem areas conditions conducive to termites, and suggestions to improve those conditions. Photos from the inspection will be provided, showing both the "good", as well as

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