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American Pest Management Have an infestation on your hands? You need help fast. It doesn't matter if you're dealing with insects, rodents, bats, birds, snakes or other wildlife, the sooner you can get the pests gone for good, the better. At American Pest Management Inc., we understand. We are the commercial and residential pest control company that knows how to eliminate the problem and restore your peace of mind.

Come to us for expert pest control in Kansas and surrounding states. When it comes to pest control services, American Pest Management Inc. has over 263 years dealing with and eliminating all kinds of pests. Our technicians know how to take care of your pest issue and keep the pests at bay. Our residential and commercial pest control company is also proud to be a part of some great industry organizations to bring you the highest-quality service and products.

read more › No one wants insects, rodents, or wildlife to invade their home or business. Which is why it's essential to have a qualified pest specialist on your roster of professionals. Led by K-State graduates and entomologists, American Pest Management, Inc. protects the Midwest from every kind of pest imaginable - from ants and termites to mice and snakes. Open since 1979, American Pest Management, Inc. performs more than 30,000 services a year from its Manhattan and Wichita offices. Quality Pro Certified professionals, combined with a total service guarantee, brings you the highest quality pest control available.

read more › Quality home pest control is vital to a healthy family, but it can sometimes feel impossible to keep bugs out of your home. Whether it is those pesky ants on the kitchen counter, silverfish coming from the attic, brown recluse spiders sneaking around your boxes in the storage closet, or those persistent cockroaches that come from the back of your refrigerator, home invasions happen. All of our home pest removal programs start with an interior and exterior home pest inspection, insect monitoring services, and treatment of harborage areas.

read more › Why choose America's Choice? This program gives your home protection against common pests, plus the most unpredictable infestations. While these are usually the most expensive treatments (termites, bed bugs, moles, bats, and wildlife), we have set it up in a budget-able program for you! America's Choice is also our most customizable program available. If you don't like one of the included services, ask us and we can swap it out. Don't have moles? Remove that protection and choose to protect your yard from mosquitoes and chiggers!

read more › This is the most popular program and is great for the proactive homeowner who wants to protect their family, home, health, and food from the ravages of pests. It may seem like an unneeded expense initially, but a pest invasion can cost you much more. Our goal is to keep those pesky critters away so you never have to deal with them in the first place. Plus, we have a 100% Pest Elimination Guarantee on all of our programs! With offices in Manhattan, Wichita, and Kansas City, American Pest Management helps thousands in Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma achieve and maintain pest-free environments.

read more › So you have noticed a few pests? Maybe there are ants crawling on your kitchen counter, spiders darting out from the boxes in your basement, or crickets keeping you up all night? This program is great for indoor and outdoor treatment covering your most common pests. Get coverage for your crawling six- and eight-legged creatures, plus inspections for the gnawing tunneling varmints. With offices in Manhattan, Wichita, and Kansas City, American Pest Management helps thousands in Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma achieve and maintain pest-free environments.

read more › Bats are good, just not good in your home! If you've noticed a bat in your home or just want to prevent them from entering your home, American Pest Management has you covered. It is important to use safe measures when removing bats due to the likelihood of them having rabies. American Pest professionals are experts in bat removal and prevention and can safely rid your home or workplace of bat colonies. We will also identify and block access points and prevent bats from returning. Did you know bats will test your home for new entry points for up to 5 years?

read more › Bed Bug ProActive is here! It is an innovative inspection and treatment strategy for bed bug control and prevention. Developed by the pest professionals at American Pest Management, Inc., it is designed to control and eliminate bed bug infestations. Bed Bug ProActive uses proven and effective products that are labeled for use against bed bugs. Our specially trained technicians thoroughly inspect and treat your home and business with these products to banish bed bugs. Get rid of bed bugs once and for all.

read more › Backyard bug control is essential to a summer out of doors in Kansas. Bug bites are not only uncomfortable, they can be unsightly, unsanitary, and cause alarm as to what's taking place in your own home. It's designed to treat a wide-range of pesky critters before they have a chance to chomp down on your or your loved ones. This includes defenses against mosquitoes, fleas, chiggers, and ticks. First, a certified American Pest Management technician will inspect your property, including the house itself, as well as the yard.

read more › Snake control and removal is one of our areas of expertise! Whether you need snakes removed from your property now, or want to prevent them from making your home their home, American Pest Management can help. Applying Repellent Granules: Granules work by releasing fumes into the air that affect the snake's Jacobson's organ which interrupts their sensory receptor. American Pest Management has multiple technicians at the ready to remove snakes from your home! After we remove snakes from your home we relocate them.

read more › Termite control is extremely important for any homeowner. Kansas is a haven for these pesky pests, and their underground colonies can grow up to a million termites strong. Colonies co-exist peacefully so it's not uncommon for an infested home to be a meal ticket for more than one. Termites thrive in Kansas' climate. Wet springs and warm summer weather make conditions perfect for colonies to grow - unseen, underground. Their activity above ground usually goes unnoticed until they've caused thousands of dollars in damages.

read more › Most of our custom programs are built around bird or wildlife control. Because these needs can be so varied, we prefer to assess each situation individually and then create a bespoke treatment plan based on individual needs. Third, we get to work securing your home against unwanted guests. We humanely trap and release animals far away from your property to avoid a future infestation. Next, we patch holes and put up deterrents to ensure the animals will not infest your home again. If unwanted birds, geese, or pigeons are roosting on your buildings or in your green space, you already know what a nuisance they can be.

read more › We will inspect for LIVE termite infestation that may be in the home and will make treatment recommendations. If the initial inspection does not find a LIVE termite infestation, and within 1-Year of the inspection an infestation of LIVE termites are found, we will provide a corrective spot treatment at no cost to the homeowner. The 1-Year Inspection and Spot Treatment Program may be renewed annually. Please refer to our Termite Inspection and Spot Treatment Program Agreement and Terms and Conditions for full details of this Program.

read more › We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the pest control service done in your home. This means that if you notice any problem between services, we will come back and service your home again for free or we will refund your money for that service. We guarantee every pest control service we do 100%! The cost of pest control services is dependent on a variety of factors. Every home, service, and infestation requires special attention by our expert technicians. Is there exclusion work that needs to be done to keep the pest out of your home or business?

read more › Property management is not an easy task. Managers can be pulled in many unforeseen directions. That's why we are here to help you maintain a pest free environment for your tenants and buildings with a plan built just for you and your budget. Don't let pests cost your business millions of dollars or damage your brand. A cockroach, fly or rodent seen by a customer can be catastrophic when food safety is a concern. Pests may carry disease, can damage products, can compromise critical environments, and even tarnish reputations.

read more › A cockroach, fly or rodent seen by a customer can be catastrophic when food safety is a concern. Pests may carry disease, can damage products, can compromise critical environments, and even tarnish reputations. In addition, audit requirements and increased government regulations and documentation expectations demand a more strategic pest management approach. American Pest Management has devised four unique programs that fit the needs of your business. Choosing the right program for your service will depend on your pest history and level of emergency services needed.

read more › Protecting your commercial property is more than just protecting the building. It's about you protecting your image and brand. That's why we've built a program around businesses like yours that automatically covers many of the common pests, but allows added coverage based on your type of commercial building. If you're interested in protecting your commercial building and brand. Please contact us for a custom program that fits your needs and budget.

read more › Multi-unit residential property management can have unique pest pressures due to different styles of tenants, types of properties, and quantity of properties/units. Whether you have a high turnover property, pet friendly units, have minimal issues, or you are just looking for preventative protection for your tenants, we have a property management pest control program that fits your management needs. American Pest Management has four custom built property management pest control programs that cover everything from bed bugs to termites.

read more › American Pest Management Inc. specializes in hotel pest control. We seek and destroy pests from the penthouse to the laundry room and everywhere in-between. It's our mission to keep pests at bay so you (and your guests) can rest easy. With so many travelers checking in from all over the world, it's difficult to keep hotel rooms pest free. Prevention is key to controlling pests and keeping guests happy. Get a bed bug infestation and suddenly your once sterling reputation is mud. After all, when pests come to stay, guests don't.

read more › Treating for termites before construction begins can help you defend against possible claims in the future. We have three options for termite protection during the building phase. They include a liquid application before the home or business is built, a wood treatment applied when the building is in the dried in phase, and a baiting system featuring the Sentricon System that is installed post landscaping. All treatments include a 5 Year Guarantee with the option for the homeowner to renew. The wood treatment is to be applied when the construction enters into what is known as the "dried in phase."

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