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Cape Construction Nobody likes dealing with bugs and other pests that go bump in the night. You simply want them off your property as quick and as affordable as possible. We get it. At US Termite and Moisture Control, our professionals are one call away for your pest control needs in South Hampton Roads. From ants to rodents to termites, bats and bed bugs, we have the right tools and experience to solve your pest problems fast.

We promise to do everything possible to make your home or business pest-free with the safest possible chemicals and humane techniques. Since 1991, US Termite & Moisture Control has been a trusted name when it comes to pest control services. Our experienced team of professionals traces the hiding places of the pests and stops the infestation around your properties.

We deliver a wide selection of effective pest control solutions that eliminate the unwelcome guests in the building. At US Termite, we have more than 81 years of collective background in delivering exceptional termite control in Chesapeake, Virginia.

read more › U.S. Termite & Moisture Control, a division of Cape Construction Co., Inc., began serving Hampton Roads in 1991. Cape Construction Co., Inc., has been satisfying the building and repair needs of Hampton Roads residents since 1984. Cape Construction Co., Inc., is a Class-A licensed construction company and a member of the Tidewater Building Association. Our companies can handle everything from your smallest repairs to the construction of your next custom home. We also do house jacking, repairs from termite damage, and moisture repairs.

read more › Effective termite control begins with knowing about them. Termites thrive in clusters and reach the hundreds and millions. A termite colony employs self-organized and decentralized systems of activity in using their surroundings to get and detect sources of food. They work side by side with other termites to obtain food that may be difficult to get when working alone. Semi-mature youngs (nymphs), workers, soldiers, and reproductive individuals of both sexes, along with egg-laying queens at times, make up a typical colony.

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