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Averse Pest Control When you're experiencing an infestation big or small, you need a company that can take care of it quick. The majority of our customers get the needed service within 24 hours! I am beyond impressed with Averse pest control. The owner gained my business while he was working on another house in our neighborhood. I've always hated solicitors but I'm so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone this time.

They were SO professional, gave me a stellar quote, and when they came out to perform the service they were early! That's unheard of these days! They also did my kid's playhouse in the backyard and we hadn't even discussed that part. Such great customer service! I highly recommend Averse, you will not be disappointed! Every area and every home is different, and will attract different pest species.

We will get info from the homeowner and if necessary, inspect your property so we know the potential pests to be aware of. Once we understand what we're up against, we will customize treatment products and methods to make the best plan of attack for your home and property.

read more › From going the extra mile on services to treating employees right, we have always wanted to create something special. We're never stagnant as a company, improvement is a daily endeavor. If our employees are taken care of, they provide a better service for you. If you are ecstatic with the service, you'll tell your friends about it (and get a free service - woot woot). Regardless of the position, every single team member focuses on creating a phenomenal customer experience. So whether it's spraying for bugs, answering phones, or creating content for the website, we're all Customer Experience Officers (CEOs).

read more › Our pest control treatments are designed to get rid of pests and keep them out, no matter which season we're in. See below for some of the most common pests our customers deal with. Mice and rats are unfortunately common, whether you live in an urban or rural setting. We'll evaluate your situation and recommend a solution for the rodent issue you are experiencing. Wasps can be aggressive when they feel threatened; the worst feeling is when a child or pet unknowingly sets off a nest of angry wasps.

read more › We understand there are lots of pest control choices, so we've made it as easy as possible to decide to go with Averse. We'll get the pest issue taken care of, guaranteed. When you're experiencing an infestation big or small, you need a company that can take care of it - quick. Most customers get service within 24 hours! Whether it's spring, summer, fall, or even winter, pests are trying to wreak havoc on your property and get into your home. Our job is simple: get them out or prevent them from coming in in the first place.

read more › On average, the cost of pest control depends on the service, the frequency, and the size of the home or business being treated. For example, a general pest service in a 4000 square foot home will be about $99 on a bi-monthly basis or $129 quarterly (although we do occaisionally offer discounts). Give us a call to schedule service. In general, monthly pest control is not necessary. The reason is because the products we use last 60-90 days, therefore a monthly treatment would be overkill. However in rare cases, if pests are particularly pernicious, an extra treatment or monthly option may be justified.

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