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In the pest control business, consistency and reliability are key. A familiar face who knows your property is important, and Crown Pest assigns a specific technician to your home. Our technicians are respectful of your property, they will always wear "booties" in your home and they will explain the pest control treatment and chemicals used during each visit.

Our technicians are ALWAYS licensed and are highly trained professionals. Crown Pest strives for excellence in service and safety. We want you to have the peace of mind that comes from using a company who doesn't cut corners. Crown Pest is an Arizona-based bonded and insured for 1 million dollars per occurrence. Many pest control companies hire unlicensed techs, skip the bonding process and carry only the minimum of required insurance.

Some people ask us, "How can you keep your prices so low, and still use the best products?". Unlike other Queen Creek pest control companies who cover the whole valley, we are locally owned and locally focused; we intentionally keep our service area small.

read more › We are invested in having satisfied customers. If you have a problem or need an extra treatment let us know, we are always willing to go the extra mile. The key to being successful is to provide value by keeping costs low and productivity high. At Crown Pest we have the discipline to stay in a small geographic area which keeps our drive time between customers to a minimum. It is just plain old common sense. The closer our next stop is, the more stops we can do in a day. And since we drive less miles, it keeps our costs down by lowering our gas expense and wear and tear on our vans.

read more › This plan is ideal for homes with no preexisting pest issues - better intended as a preventative pest control measure. Crown Pest is a local, family owned business. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, exceptional customer service, rapid response and in our highly trained, licensed and bonded pest control professionals. What's bugging you? Call or email and we'll make sure you aren't "bugged" any longer!

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