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Pest Arrest Locally owned and operated, Pest Arrest is a family-run business serving the pest control needs of Spring, Texas, and the surrounding areas. We have been solving pest problems for homes and businesses in our service area for over two decades and are an award-winning business that is proud to be Spring's go-to pest control company. Offering fast, affordable, and experienced services, we have the knowledge you need to rid your home or business of pests and to keep them out in the future.

We offer conventional and eco-friendly treatment options and guarantee our services. Contact us to request a free estimate.

read more › Pest Arrest, the local leader in residential and commercial pest control services, is proud to be the go-to pest control company in Spring, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Family owned and operated since 1995, we know that an infestation of any kind is not something any home or business owner wants to deal with. That's why we offer fast and affordable services designed to help clear your property of pests as soon as possible. We have been voted the best pest control service in Spring by the United States Commerce Association six years in a row!.

read more › Sometimes pests make themselves known in your house in very obvious ways, and other times you become aware of their presence through more subtle signs. Regardless of how you learn of a pest infestation in your Spring home, though, getting it out is what's most important. Pests will disrupt your life in a variety of ways that include damaging your house, spreading illnesses to your family members, and simply making themselves a nuisance. To stop these problems, you need the skilled services from Pest Arrest.

read more › A pest infestation of any type or size can be devastating for a business. No matter what the industry, whether you run a brick and mortar retail store, a restaurant or hotel, a school, or something else entirely, a pest infestation can quickly lead to damage, disease, and in the worst-case scenario, closed doors. At Pest Arrest, we take commercial pest control seriously and work with businesses in the Spring area to quickly clear the facilities of pests with minimal disruptions to day-to-day operations.

read more › If you've been waking up with bug bites or have seen signs of bed bugs in your house, you shouldn't wait to see if the problem gets worse before doing something about it. Bed bugs are pests that can be tough to get rid of, and if you wait to confirm your suspicions only to find out they were correct, the infestation will have grown larger during that time. Pest Arrest has been on the cutting edge of bed bug control for years. Our experts are constantly looking for new, effective, and eco-friendly options to eliminate these troublesome pests.

read more › When the weather is warm, there's nothing better than spending an evening enjoying nature in your own backyard. However, nothing can ruin a nice evening spent outdoors like a buzzing swarm of mosquitoes. These little insects have the power to pepper you with bug bites and drive you back indoors to safety. They also can spread many dangerous illnesses, including the West Nile virus, Zika virus, and more. If mosquitoes are taking over your Spring yard, it may feel like an unsolvable problem, but with the help of Pest Arrest, you can take your property back from annoying and harmful mosquitoes.

read more › Termites are bad news for any structure in Spring and the surrounding areas. If your home has no protection from these wood-destroying creatures, it is at risk of an infestation, and once one occurs, your house can sustain serious damage before you discover the infestation. Most homeowners' insurance does not cover damage caused by termites, which could leave you with a hefty repair bill. If you have any reason to believe that termites have gotten into your house, or if you'd like to take action to prevent a termite infestation before it has a chance to begin, Pest Arrest can help.

read more › Knowing a bit about the pests that are likely to view your Texas yard or home as a place to nest or gather food is essential to protecting your family and property from the problems they create. Our pest library will help you identify the pests you see lurking in the corner of your home or running across your kitchen floor! The more you know about our area's common pests and why they are there, the easier it will be to keep them out! Bed bugs are pests that regularly live with people in our homes and businesses, with our temperature-controlled structures allowing them to thrive year-round.

read more › Providing residential and commercial pest control solutions to our customers in Spring, Texas and the surrounding areas, Pest Arrest has been the local pest control expert since 1995. To determine if we work in your community, please check our Service Area list below. If your town isn't on the list, contact us to find out if we can help.

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