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Industrial Commercial & Institutionalpest Control Services ICI was founded on the principle of providing a quality service designed to meet the individual needs of each customer. We strive to provide the best in customer service at all times by being available whenever called upon. ICI Pest Control performs service in the entire Southern California Region and is based in Corona California.

read more › If you have a current problem to solve we can customize an effective and affordable solutions for you and provide a plan and program to prevent the re-occurrence. Facilities in need of top of the line services and are inspected by outside governmental and non governmental bodies that require multi-layer plans that need more than regular services. In today's regulated environment documentation is the key to success. ICI will fulfill your ever changing documentation needs form local to state to federal to qualifications standards.

read more › Sharing walls, floors and ceilings provide unique problems found only in this environment. Insects can often move between homes in seconds and one families pest problem can affect everyone. Treatments may need to include more than just the infested unit. This requires coordination between management, residents and the Pest Control Service. When you see an Insect you need to call it in. Dealing with one or two is better than one or two hunderd or thousand. Even if you have to prepare your home doing it for a couple is worth it.

read more › A regular service provides a monthly or bi monthly service no matter the need. Pesticides can help prevent insects from the outside but we also must conside the application of unneeded chemicals. As needed service is more cost effective and with a little attention the early signs of ants for example can be recognized and treated a couple of times per year saving the charge of 10 unneeded services. All costs are based on travel, materials needed, pest to be controlled and if additional services will be required.

read more › In a commercial setting pest control may have to work under strictor rules and regulations but pest control remains the same. The same materials and techniques prove successful when implemented. Inspection is vital, determining how and why will not only help in removing the problem but in preventing its return. There are times that more than one technique may have to be attempted. Each loaction offers different challenges. Price is determined on what service is required, what kind of pest needs to be controlled and the environment that we must work within.

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