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Impact Pest Elimination Here at Impact, we recognize your desire to control and eliminate insect infestations while protecting your families health, property, and the environment. Guaranteed Satisfaction - Impact Pest Elimination, a Florida corporation, was established to provide a valuable service protecting the health and property of Florida residents. Impact's pest elimination services give full consideration to the responsible use of products.

Control measures such as inspection, identification of pest harborage sites and monitoring of pest populations make it possible for Impact to apply materials only when and where they are necessary. Licensed & Certified Technicians - Impact chooses products designed to affect only the target pests to be eliminated. Even in the case of severe infestations, products are never utilized in a manner that would have an adverse affect on humans, pets, or the environment.

Such innovative, state of the art technology allows Impact to offer dependable General Household Pest and Rodent Control, precise Subterranean Termite Control and Prevention, no nonsense Drywood Termite Control and Prevention, enhanced Turf and Ornamental Care, and bona fide Inspection Services at competitive prices.

read more › As you consider the benefits of protecting your health, property and the environment it's important to remember that not all service plans are alike. Impact offers the most comprehensive programs you can find. Not only are our treatments thorough and responsible, but each is also backed by our expertly trained employees. When examined as a whole no other company can compare to what Impact Pest Elimination offers. When you see or suspect pests Impact can help. We appreciate the opportunity to listen and understand your concerns and provide a free site evaluation.

read more › Florida residents love their home state for its tropical climate and warm waters. Unfortunately, many pests find Florida to be an ideal home for the same reasons. Multiple species of cockroaches, ants, spiders, rodents, silverfish, earwigs, wasps, centipedes and millipedes make up a mere fraction of the critters that thrive in the sunshine state. Thankfully, Impact Pest Elimination keeps them all in check. Different problems require different solutions, which is why our Service Specialists approach every job uniquely.

read more › As a nocturnal creature, cockroaches generally come out at night. This means that you can develop a major infestation before you realize there are any cockroaches present. Cockroaches can be even harder to spot because they are exceptionally good at hiding. These wily insects can be found almost anywhere in the world. Often, species like the German cockroach will hitchhike on furniture, boxes or other items to move from place to place. Even if your home does not have cockroaches now, a single box could allow this insect to invade.

read more › Ants may just seem to be unwelcome guests at picnics or tiny specks on the sidewalk, but they can wreak havoc if they are in the wrong space at the wrong time. Ant populations can quickly grow, creating dangerous infestations in your home or business. Surprisingly, there are a wide variety of ants that live around the world both indoors and outdoors. In fact, there are approximately 700 species of ants in the United States alone. These insects can become particularly troublesome because they reproduce quickly and build large nests for their colonies.

read more › Unfortunately, the greater Tampa Bay area is home to plenty of spiders, and you have likely come across them inside your home. Although many of them are harmless, a number can be poisonous or even lethal, and it is easy to accidentally brush up against a well-hidden one. For those reasons, it's important to consult a pest control and prevention specialist once you start seeing more and more of them. Often, what brings spiders into your homes is, well, you. They can easily hitch rides, intentionally or unintentionally, on anything you bring in but especially items from the outdoors such as firewood or plants.

read more › While there are several problematic pests in the area, few cause more trouble than rodents. They have a knack for invading local homes and businesses. When the weather starts to get colder, rodents become an even greater threat. Robust bodies and sharp teeth enable these small animals to wreak some serious havoc. Once mice and rats establish a nest in a dwelling, you'll have an especially difficult time getting rid of them. Here are some important facts you should know about rodent control. Like so many other household pests, rodents are attracted to unsanitary conditions.

read more › Mosquitoes are more than an unwanted picnic guest. They can bring disease and infection to people, livestock and pets. Mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile virus, Eastern equine encephalitis and Zika virus can have symptoms ranging from mild to life-threatening, and people in Florida can be at risk of severe complications as a result. If you've got mosquitoes, Impact Pest Elimination can help reduce them with our mosquito treatment and trapping systems. At Impact Pest Elimination, we use integrated pest management systems to manage your mosquito problems.

read more › Pests are the enemies of a clean, comfortable home or business. At Impact Pest Elimination, we'll help you regain control of your property with targeted pest prevention and treatment solutions. Bed bugs can make their way into your home through numerous different ways. With experienced pest control and proper management, we can limit the amount of bed bugs that affect your life. They are easy to spot and can be contained with a pest control professional. Ticks can enter the home via clothing or pet hair, and require specific attention.

read more › Frank Miller is the founder and CEO of Impact Pest Elimination. After his graduation from high school in 1969 Mr. Miller served in the U.S. Army and Army National Guard for a period of nine years. During his service he received numerous military awards, was rapidly promoted and last served as a recruiter before his honorable discharge at the rank of Platoon Sergeant. After being discharged he attended evening classes in New York to become licensed and worked as an EMT/Paramedic. Additionally, he served as a Lieutenant in a firefighting and Rescue Department on Long Island.

read more › Here at Impact we understand that you came to us for the solution to a problem: safe and effective pest control. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality services in the business. Now we offer a "pest friend" referral program! Go ahead, start earning discounts from your pest control services to put toward your next vacation!

read more › Here are some helpful tips for preventing household pests, pest infestations and the potentially dangerous health and property threats they pose. Seal all cracks and holes around the outside of the home including entry points for utilities and pipe. In Florida St. Augustine grass is the most commonly used lawn grass throughout the state. It is widely adapted to the warm, humid region and grows adequately in a broad variety of soils. It produces a beautiful dense, green turf and is relatively shade and salt tolerant.

read more › I was using another pest company & about to move into a new home. When I first met Kevin & David with Impact, I was so impressed with their knowledge, skill & years of experience, that I decided to hire Impact for my new home & request that they be my service technicians. Their attention to detail & willingness to readily address any questions or concerns I had, really sold me on the fact that they were not just trying to sell me needless products but truly wanted to solve any difficult pest issues that were plaguing me.

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