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We take care of them all! From rodents to roaches, the list of pests we exterminate is so thorough, you'll need not look anywhere else for pest control service! Ticks are more than a nuisance, they can be dangerous to your pets, and your family. On Long Island, they are a particularly troublesome problem, spreading diseases like lyme disease, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Luckily, tick removal is our specialty! Contact us today for an estimate. Ticks aren't the only issue Long Islanders face! From mosquitoes and mice, to roaches and raccoons, Tick Masters has the solution to all of your pest control problems. We are locally owned and operated with 20 years of experience residentially servicing the East End of Long Island.

Tick Masters is a full service pest control company, and we offer several different maintenance programs to protect your family and home from these unwanted pests. I love everything about living on the water EXCEPT the mosquitoes! But I called tick masters and signed up for their weekly spray service, and FINALLY, my family has taken back the yard!

read more › For over 20 years, Tick Masters has been protecting the East End of Long Island from pest infestations. We know the specific pest control needs of the region, because we live and work here every day. We understand the need to balance how delicate the local environment can be, with how tough our local pests are to contain. Raccoons, termites, ticks and mosquitoes are just a few of the issues that East Enders face, and we're here and ready to tackle every one of them. Tick Masters is a full service pest control company, working both indoors and out, and we offer a wide variety of yearly maintenance programs such as seasonal applications running April through November that will reduce the tick population year round.

read more › With the rise of Lyme disease due to the increasing number of deer tick, Tick Masters offers monthly applications to aid in the battle around your home and/or business. We have seasonal programs normally April through November that will reduce the tick population tremendously. Tick Masters also offers mosquito control on a weekly basis normally May through September. These sprays give an effective barrier which repel mosquitoes.

read more › Ticks vary in color by species. Adult ticks can be smaller than a sunflower seed (over 1 cm long if engorged with blood), while tick larvae can be less than 1 mm. Common problem ticks include the American dog tick, deer or black leg tick, and lone star tick. Often found near wooded and highly vegetated areas, Long Island offers the perfect environments for ticks to not only survive, but to thrive. Females and males of most species feed on blood of mammals, birds and reptiles. Each tick species does have a preferred host, although most ticks will feed on whatever blood is available to them.

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