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Proof. Pest Control When pests invade your home, you need a team of professionals on the job. Our top-rated pest control experts provide specialty pest services that are designed for pests that require targeted treatment based on their unique characteristics and behavior. Our organic products require minimal application to produce effective results. No matter the severity of your pest problem, you can rest easy knowing our highly trained and fully qualified pest control specialists are on the job.

We are committed to helping families through reliable, amazing service. Our team takes on all types of pests, including ants, spiders, wasps, mice, rats, cockroaches, bedbugs, German cockroaches, centipedes, termites, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and more. We serve residents and business owners throughout Michigan, Massachusetts, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona.

Our most popular service, the pest-free guarantee, keeps your home proofed against pests all year long. The first step of our pest-free guarantee service is to flush out any existing pests in your home.

read more › There are 4 different types of services on our Pest Free Guarantee plan. What your technician will do during your service depends on which pest(s) are being treated for, and which type of service is being performed. The purpose of this service is to identify the best treatment strategy for your pest issue(s) and implement the strategy's first phase. For pests like insects and rodents, the first phase is to get them out of your home so following treatments can focus on keeping them out. For stinging pests like wasps or hornets, the first phase is to eliminate any active nests in your home or property.

read more › Allan and Brent Draper were raised in Nyssa, Oregon, a town of 2,000 people. As part of a family of eight, they were raised in a three-bedroom, one-bathroom home. Growing up, as their family struggled, their community stepped in and helped whenever they could. In an effort to repay their community, Allan and Brent became heavily involved in community service. The brothers also both served two-year church missions in South America. Their missions changed them in many ways and fueled their desire to serve others.

read more › To date, most of the activities we've volunteered for have been at the end of the year when people are busy with the holidays. In the future, we'll be expanding this program to include more volunteer activities throughout the year. We'll also be expanding this program to include additional charitable efforts throughout the year, like free pest control services to those in need.

read more › To that end, we are constantly looking for awesome people - just like you! - to become part of our team. All you need to be a part of proof. is the drive to exceed expectations and the courage to learn from your mistakes. We are purpose driven: while we need to feed our families, we are about much more than money. We offer botanically-derived products as an alternative to traditional synthetic products. We are experts at customer service and will do everything within our control to make our customers happy.

read more › At home, you deserve to be safe and comfortable. You don't deserve to have spiders scurrying across your ceilings, cockroaches hiding within your walls, bed bugs living in your bed, or rodents darting past you in your kitchen. Pests are not only a nuisance but they can also be quite dangerous, carrying and transmitting diseases, bacteria, and pathogens. Give us a call at (888) 658-5191 or contact us online to learn how we can ensure your home is pest free. Our Pest-Free Guarantee service is a year-round service that gives you guaranteed protection for more than 30 common pests.

read more › It's hard to imagine that such a tiny insect could have such a severe impact on our homes, but termites can seriously damage your home. Each year, hundreds of thousands of homes are damaged by termites. The moment you suspect your have termites, reach out to our termite control experts. Our four-step termite control plan provides guaranteed, year-round protection for your home. Coverage for this plan includes subterranean termites. The first step in your custom termite treatment plan is for one of our termite experts to perform a thorough inspection of your home for termite activity.

read more › Every year, like clockwork, as the weather begins to warm up, the ants come out. It seems like they have a special knack for finding even the tiniest crumb in your kitchen, and before you know it, there is an entire swarm in your house. We've all been there. Luckily, with proof. Ants are constantly searching for adequate food and water sources to take care of their colonies, and homes provide both. Leaving out any food in your kitchen or yard will often result in an ant infestation. Ants are most commonly attracted to anything damp, left out dog food, cat food, sugar, uncovered food, and bread.

read more › Call (888) 658-5191 to receive a free estimate for residential bed bug control and schedule service. Bed bugs are very easily introduced, or re-introduced, to any area of your home. In order to prevent a bed bug infestation, you can vacuum frequently, invest in a mattress cover, and inspect second-hand items before bringing them into your home. Eggs can lay dormant in your home for up to seven weeks before hatching. Vacuuming them can actually cause them to hatch early and also pulls them from the environment.

read more › Did you know that for every cockroach you see in your home, there could be thousands more hiding in your walls, pipes, furniture, cabinets, and other places throughout your home? We understand that you are extremely uncomfortable knowing you may have an infestation, which is why we are here to help. If your home is infested with German cockroaches, reach out to our experts right away. We have the high-quality products, advanced methods, and expertise necessary to flush out the infestation and prevent these pests from returning.

read more › Are you tired of pesky mosquitoes ruining your BBQ? Do you want to be able to spend time with your friends and family in your yard without annoying insects buzzing around your ears, biting you, and leaving red, itchy bumps? We recommend monthly mosquito control services-from May to September-in order to effectively protect your home from mosquitoes all summer long. Your technician will perform a thorough inspection of your yard to identify pest activity and potential breeding/hiding places for mosquitoes.

read more › As a pet owner, you've probably dealt with fleas at one time or another, but did you know that they can infest your home? Once your beloved cats or dogs bring them into your home, they can live in your carpet, bed, furniture, cushions, and walls. If you find that your home has become infested by fleas, you need to do more than just treat your pet-you need a team of professionals to treat your entire home. Over-the-counter flea control products are rarely effective. You need a team of professionals that know exactly how to locate and treat any and all problem areas, so you can enjoy lasting pest control.

read more › Whether or not you are afraid of spiders, we understand that they are an unwelcome addition to your home. From crawling on walls to dangling from ceilings to crawling on us, spiders give most of us the heebie-jeebies! When you find spiders in your home, it's best to call in the experts at proof. They search for corners and areas with clutter to hide and set up their homes. They are looking for shelter: When the weather is too warm, too cool, or too wet, spiders often seek shelter inside your home.

read more › With all of the news about people contracting diseases and other illnesses from ticks, finding even one in your home is too many. Whether you have a tick infestation or there are ticks in the areas surrounding your home, you want to do whatever you can to protect yourself, your family, and your home. In the United States, there are 90 species of ticks-a handful of which can carry and transmit harmful diseases. Ticks are able to spread diseases through their bites. They pass along bacteria, parasites, and viruses-most of which result in flu-like symptoms.

read more › A healthy home is a rodent-free home. Rodents-such as mice, rats, and voles-carry diseases and pathogens that can be incredibly harmful to humans and household pets. Coming into contact with rodent feces, saliva, urine, or even the rodents themselves, can result in the spread of diseases to humans. We use several different strategies to control rodents, depending on the type and severity of pest activity you are experiencing. Commercial bait stations contain a rodenticide that is flavorless so mice and rats cannot taste it.

read more › Pest-Free Guarantee is the fastest and most effective way to keep insects, spiders and rodents out of your home all year long. As part of this service, we use organic* products on the inside of your home and synthetic products on the outside to create a longer-lasting barrier against insect and spider pests. We implement the concept of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) every time we service a home or business. In some cases, products may not even be necessary because the pest issue(s) can be resolved by other means.

read more › Contact us today at (888) 658-5191 to set up an on-site inspection and quote for your pest issues. We offer a range of commercial services designed to address existing pest problems and prevent new ones from arising through seasonal maintenance and inspections. Our team applies an integrated pest management (IPM) approach, which means all pest issues are identified, properly treated, and prevented from recurring. All services are performed by our team of highly-trained, clean-cut, uniformed, and licensed service professionals.

read more › We currently have 4 office locations in Michigan. We provide residential and commercial pest control services from these offices in both the Greater Detroit area and the Grand Rapids area. We currently have one office in Utah, located in Orem. We provide residential and commercial pest control services in the Utah Valley area, and we will soon be expanding to also cover the Salt Lake Valley. We currently have two offices in Arizona, located in Chandler and Mesa. We proudly provide residential and commercial pest control services to customers in the southeast Valley.

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