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Wolski Brothers Pest Control Brothers Mike and Fred Wolski know pests, and with more than 25 years of pest-control experience, are trained to identify bug breeding grounds and pest harborage areas in - and around - your home and workplace. State-of-the art equipment, coupled with the current industry knowledge, mean you'll receive Wolski Brother' honest, professional service on time, every time.

Our licensed technicians understand your unique needs, and work with you to develop a plan designed to protect people and property. At Wolski Brothers, we feel affordable solutions shouldn't put a mouse-sized hole in your wallet. That's why we'll work with you to develop cost-effective pest control strategies for your home or business. Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there.

From carpenter ants between walls, to spiders in corners, invasive insects and other pests can hide just about anywhere. President Mike Wolski shares a personal message in a 90 second video talking about his company and the benefits of having an expert pest control specialist you can trust.

read more › You don't want pests. From insect invaders to renegade rodents, nature's creatures can wreak havoc on your home or workplace - threatening your investment, your health and your peace of mind. Enter Wolski Brothers Pest Control, Omaha's trusted pest control professionals. Committed to understanding your unique pest situation, Wolski Brothers Pest Control offers reliable, effective solutions to pest problems - solutions designed to safeguard both your well-being and the environment. It's no surprise, bugs and rodents can carry disease, and even one tiny creature can be an indicator of a much larger problem.

read more › Pests are sources for disease and can cause serious damage to your home. The good news is the professionals at Wolski Brothers Pest Control have the tools to keep your home and family safe. We are a local/family owned business whose strength lies in our ability to identify pest problems and develop solutions to fit your specific needs. Every household and every season presents unique challenges. This fact combined with our years of experience allows us to treat each customer according to their needs.

read more › Removing unwanted pests effectively and affordably is what you need and should expect from your commercial pest management service. We expertly tailor custom and industry-specific approaches to meet pest control needs - within industry regulations and at a competitive price. Pest problems are as unique as your business and we strive to address all of our customers' concerns before service ever begins. We resolve issues with certainty and without expensive add-on services. Our professional technicians are highly trained, certified and versed in industry-specific treatments.

read more › We believe in establishing trust with out customers. We pride ourselves in being reliable, timely, personable, professional, and above all else, truly invested in developing an effective pest control solution for your home or business. But don't just take our word for it, please read some of the reviews we've received. I work from home and developed an ant problem. Past pest control experiences had been less than satisfactory. What a relief it was to deal with a knowledgeable and friendly technician who was able to determine the source of the problem and effectively eradicate it.

read more › An entire home inspection designed to identify potential pest entry points and harborage areas. Answer is yes, all materials capable of killing something are considered toxic. If these materials are used with strict adherence to the label and in a judicious fashion they do not pose a threat to normal healthy people or pets (exceptions are reptiles, fish and birds) special precautions must be made around these animals. Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, is an environmentally responsible approach to pest management.

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