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With monthly, yearly, and as-needed service plans, you're sure to find the right fit for you. With our custom solutions, this isn't just home pest control, it's pest control for your home. With Universal, you get all the knowledge of pest scientists without the annoying lab coat. With IPM we work with you by showing you steps you can take to help you avoid future pest problems.

With pests, an ounce of prevention is always better than a gallon of pesticides, we can help stop problems before they start. We don't just protect homes, we also protect your peace of mind with automatic guaranteed service and optional warranties. Pick up the phone and give us a call and we can provide you with a free estimate, initial appointment, referrals for repairs, retrace visits, and more.

For the majority of our services, we offer free over-the-phone price estimates. These estimates are based on the size and type of your property and the particular pest problem(s) that you're having. Having a pest problem can be an emergency and as such we have our technicians standing by so that we can come out to your home and offer a customized solution within 24 hours.

read more › In 1987, our founder, Jerry had a vision to create a pest control company that would make pest-free life a reality for everyone. Starting with a spray tank borrowed from his father-in-law and red Dodge Omni he did pest control door-to-door and began to build one of Michigan's most iconic and dependable pest control brands. We exist to make pest-free living a reality and to help shape a world where people and animals have mutually beneficial relationships that avoid compromising each other's habitats.

read more › Ants are eusocial insects of the order Hymenoptera and the family Formicidae. They are extremely widespread and comprised of over 13,000 species worldwide. Renowned for their physical strength (ability to lift more 20 times their body mass) and complex social behavior, they are some of the most successful insects on the planet. Ants occupy a wide array of environments across every continent except Antarctica. They have evolved to exploit virtually every type of habitat, whether natural (logs, soil, and trees) or man-made (pavement, houses, and facilities) which is part of the reason why they are such successful and frequent pests.

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