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While it might seem obvious there isn't a single person alive who likes it when their home or business is infected with pests, rodents, or bugs. At the same time, however, sometimes there is nothing you can do to stop them from invading your home or business. The facts are these: You will probably, at some point, have to deal with a pest, rodent, or insect problem either in your home, business, or rental property.

The good news is this: We can make your problem go away quickly! Unlike a lot of companies in existence we will take the time to answer all your questions to make sure you are completely comfortable before you go ahead with a treatment. We take an educated approach to working with people for their homes and businesses. We believe this is important because we want to keep you as a customer for life!

We also provide high quality pest removal services. Our technicians will help you solve your bug problems quickly and easily. Most importantly we will make sure that your business continues to function so that your pest treatment does not prohibit you from running your business and bringing in money.

read more › If you are looking to treat bed bugs in the area you've come to the right place. They're all across the United States and in the Miami are they are on the rise. Why is this the case? Lots of people buy used furniture, the increase in traveling, and other factors come into play. Fortunately, our company is highly trained in exterminating these unwanted pests. They can be extremely difficult to get rid of, and you certainly can't just ignore them. They actually bite people-in fact they feed on them-when they are sleeping.

read more › It can be embarrassing, frustrating, and expensive to have a rat problem. Family members, friends, neighbors, or relatives can think you are a "bad housekeeper" or are dirty when that is certainly not the case at all. Furthermore, a business owner who has a problem exposes his or her reputation to many people and this can threaten the business itself. We offer high quality pest control. Not only are most people disgusted by the thought of rats or mice in their home, but these also pose a number of health threats.

read more › We serve many different businesses. Some of the types of businesses we service are: apartments, restaurants, industrial applications, per-construction, medical facilities, office buildings, manufacturing facilities and more. The importance of a good, clean business, free from rodents and pests, is extremely important-especially in today's digital world where news-especially bad news, moves so fast! Your business' reputation can be hurt with just one simple bug problem. Our expert technicians are highly trained experts and can help you eliminate your bugs.

read more › Our company provides honest, efficient, and quality pest removal services to people living in the Miami, Florida area. If you are looking for a local pest control company you have come to the right place. We can handle spiders, rodents, mosquitoes, termites, bed bugs, and more. Whether you are looking to solve a problem, or institute a maintenance plan we have the solution. Some bugs are harder to detect and can remain hidden, especially if the temperature drops a lot. While this is not a large problem, some can still be hard to detect.

read more › Are you aware that mosquitoes cause more deaths than any other pest? If you combine this with the fact that they are now used to breeding in urban areas then you can see why we're very concerned. Our tech professionals are here to help. Even though every pest professional can significantly impact the number of mosquitoes in a specific area, it is not possible to completely remove them. Our professionals make it their goal to decrease the population by 85%. We know that our customers would like to get rid of their threat completely, but that's not something that a pest control company will be able to do.

read more › Fleas are wing-free insects with mouth parts designed for piercing skin in order to suck blood which is their food source. They can easily become settled inside a person's hair or pet's fur within 5 minutes. This will cause discomfort and most likely itching. Removing this issue in your home is definitely a challenge. After spending time researching products, and spending money on a variety of treatment options, you are likely to end up disappointed. For each individual flea you actually discover there are more than likely hundreds still hidden.

read more › Not a single person wants ants getting in their home but unfortunately it can happen. Luckily, we provide ant removal for Miami, FL and surrounding region. We cater to both residential and commercial properties and offer only the highest quality, yet professional, service around. There are several types of bug problems you might be dealing with. In our experience as a pest exterminator, ant problems have taken on many forms. Before you select just any company to exterminate your issue, call (305) 290-4398 first.

read more › If you're looking to get exterminator services in the Miami area for bees, wasps, or hornets you've come to the right place! Our company provides high quality bee, wasp, and hornet removal. We have exterminators who are highly trained with the most-effective stinging insect removal methods and strategies. Our exterminators work throughout the area and can remove all the different types of stinging insects. Some of the different types you might come across are: Honey bees, yellow jackets, hornets, wasps, Africanized killer bees, and more.

read more › There isn't a single person who wants to have cockroaches in there home. They are more common than we'd like. Don't fault yourself if you have seen them in your home. A lot of times there is absolutely nothing you (or anybody) you could have done to keep them out of your home. We've seen people who have extremely clean houses have roaches. In fact, the numbers of them invading homes that are clean has increased. Why is this the case? There are really many reasons. If you have lived in close quarters before-like an apartment, then someone who has roaches could have brought them to you.

read more › These are common in almost all of the United States, and many types live in the area, some posing serious health risks when they come in contact with humans. Some people want to get rid of them in their home because they are scared. Other people want to exterminate them because they are afraid of getting bit. Whatever the case, we will help you get rid of any spiders you have. We will help you exterminate current ones and help prevent future ones from getting into your home. To do this, we must exterminate any existing spiders, as well as exterminate other bugs.

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