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Zone Three - Baiting will be used in any targeted areas (grasses, shrubs, etc) for crickets, roaches, ants, earwigs, pill and sow bugs and many other pests. In all of our 32+ years of expertise in the pest control industry, Scorpion King Exterminating knows you may deal with more than nuisance Arizona pests and scorpions. This is something we all experience in Arizona.

We specialize in the pest control of scorpions, all general pests, and infestations, to provide service options. Whether it is a large infestation or you just want to prevent and maintain control. If you have seen scorpions and wish to prevent them from finding refuge in your home, we can help you decide what plan is best. Scorpions are resilient, so year round control is best for prevention.

In the winter, they hibernate in your garage or home or wherever is warm. To prevent hibernating inside your home, attic, garage, cracks and voids we recommend monthly or bi-monthly service depending on severity. Scorpions have different behaviors during the summer vs. winter here in our beautiful desert.

read more › At Scorpion King Exterminating we use an investigative holistic approach to our pest control. Our service works from the outside, in. When we arrive we will assess main concerns you have for your home and family. Your home is inspected to see what conducive areas you have on your property and we look for signs of pest activity not only on the first Initial service, but every service - we never stop inspecting. We take on a pest detective approach - always looking and always searching for pest life that may happen between services, so we can get them before they get worse.

read more › Running a business can be complicated, businesses come in all sizes too; and managing pest control can often be often an afterthought. Having a pest problem in your business can put your employees, customers and investment at risk. Controlling pests is crucial to maintaining a good reputation and delivering a properly and safe environment for your employees and customers; whether it's a Golf Course or H.O.A. which has bees/wasps/Gophers/mosquitos to Schools with cockroach/rodents or more Scorpion King Exterminating understands the sensitivity and urgency of a pest infestation, and realize that absolute discretion is of the utmost importance to our clients.

read more › Household pests are more than a nuisance; they can become a threat to your property and potentially your health. One mouse can contaminate ten times more food than it eats, which is why pest control is so important. We can help you with treatment for the following Arizona pests and selection of the program that is right for you to help prevent unwanted pest presence later.

read more › You may be seeing Crickets in your home or business Crickets are a dark-colored insect with long antenna that jumps, . One of the best ways to limit unwanted intrusions by Bark Scorpions, insects, rodents, and other pests is to deny. Scorpion King Exterminating is sending this to you because you may have already inquired about Tick service or need to. We can identify if they are Springtails and help find the water source, mold/mildew of where they are coming from. We are seeing many complaints online of cockroach sightings and other pests from customers who patron restaurants or take-out, so.

read more › The bark scorpion is nocturnal and prefers to ambush its prey, usually feeding on crickets, roaches, beetles, and other small insects. Arizona bark scorpions have a gestation period of several months, are born live, and are gently guided onto their mother's back. The female usually gives birth to anywhere from 25 to 35 young. These remain with their mother until their first molt, which can be up to 3 weeks after birth. Arizona bark scorpions may live up to 6 years. The baby scorpion can have the worst sting if he lands near you, as they have no control of the amount of venom.

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