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Home Professional Pest Control Now that colder temperatures are here many rodents and pest are looking for a place to stay warm. HomePro Pest Control can keep your home pest and rodent free. Our barrier protection will keep pests out, plus your ServicePro will inspect for potential rodent activity and treat hot spots where pests will try to hide. Only pest control company I will use.

Their field techs are knowledgeable and always know what it takes to keep the bugs or rodents away. I recommend them daily. Just had HomePro Pest and Termite Control come spray the yard for ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas; and the house for ants. They are great and the prices are totally reasonable. If you are looking for an affordable, friendly, reliable company, give them a call.

I would like to thank you and your company, HomePro for service above and beyond my expectations in taking care of termite and moisture problems for this property in Norfolk. The seller, an elderly widow in a wheelchair, was delighted with the price for the job, the quality of the work and your company's attention to every detail.

read more › Reduced risk pesticides are certified to be the safest alternative to conventional treatment methods for people, pets, and the environment. Approximately 90% of homes with our PestPro pest control service do not need to be treated indoors after the first treatment. This reduces exposure to chemicals, ultimately the safest method. We understand every dollar counts. We don't waste money on high-cost marketing or other extravagances. We never add extra features don't you need. The PestPro 365 system is efficient, effective, and uses less pesticide.

read more › This cunning and stealth lead to excessive damages over time. They make a buffet of your home for years, eating away at your equity; never leaving much of a trail. Occasionally, termites will make mistakes. Sometimes they tunnel too far and leave a pinhole-sized opening. Other times they become lazy. To shorten the journey to the colony they create free-standing mud tunnels back to the soil. These errors are not easy to spot and require a good, trained eye. These are the small clues that your HomePro ServicePro finds during your annual termite inspection.

read more › Rats have become a significant problem in Hampton Roads. There have been noticeable increases in rat infestations in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, & Norfolk, VA. No neighborhood has been immune to the problem. Rats are an outside dwelling pest that will come indoors for food, water, or better shelter. Rats are well adapted to living around humans and can survive unnoticed for a long time. It's not uncommon for a home to have had a rat infestation for many weeks or months before anyone inside notices.

read more › Right now, it doesn't really matter how you got bed bugs. It doesn't matter how they feed or how their scientific name is spelled. What truly matters is how we are going to get rid of these blood sucking, sleep invaders for good. Luckily HomePro has the specialized solution to cure even the worst bed bug infestations in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Hampton Roads, VA. Your Service Pro will look over all the suspected bed bug problem areas. They will also look in other potential bed bug areas that might not have caught your attention.

read more › There are few things as great as enjoying an evening cookout in the summer. Many people will spend tens of $1,000's on pools, $1000's on a beautiful deck, $100's on deck furniture, $100's more on a grill, more still on play sets, fire pits, and other outdoor fun, only to be run indoors by 1000's of mosquitoes each evening. This is more than an annoyance, it's a hostage situation. It's nothing personal, but the mosquitoes have to go. HomePro eliminates them with a safe and effective solution that will see you enjoying your yard within a few short hours.

read more › Most people find that an ant infestation is more difficult than anticipated to solve. Some pest control companies have even abandoned ant control treatments or removed ants from general coverage options. Understanding ant behavior allows your ServicePro the eliminate the ant infestation all the way back to the colony. It's not special products or magic that makes HomePro successful but a commitment to training. That training allows the ServicePro's to fix all ant problems. Since we eliminated magic as an option (Eye of newt is more difficult to find than you'd imagine) and made knowledge the key, your service starts with a thorough inspection.

read more › We stop moisture where it starts to ensure your home is safe from damage, rot, and poor air quality. Homes built over dirt crawl spaces present problems for Hampton Roads homeowners. Our humid climate and the soil's high moisture content create a haven for mold, fungus, rot, and structural damage just beneath our feet. Additionally, our shallow water table and tendency to build homes in low lying areas (see: Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake) add an extra dimension to the battle against a wet crawl space.

read more › A vapor barrier is a plastic liner installed over the soil inside a crawl space. Its purpose is to stop moisture in the soil from evaporating and collecting inside the crawl space. The absence of a vapor barrier will normally cause fungal / mold growth and higher than average moisture content. Over time, the original doors and vents that lead to your crawl space can become broken. Broken crawl space vents and doors can allow pest entry which could lead to other damage or infestation. There are many options for replacement including on-site custom built and manufactured.

read more › True crawl space encapsulation stops outdoor air from freely entering into the crawl space. Typically, the foundation vents are sealed and the foundation wall and ground are sealed with a vapor barrier. In most cases, a dehumidifier or other mechanical conditioning device is installed. Choosing to install a crawl space encapsulation system will make your home more comfortable and energy efficient while decreasing mold and damage. Our experienced crew will see your job to completion without the hiccups and delays of other contractors.

read more › Occasionally a home will have significant damage before there are any other visible signs of an infestation. This can be bad, but much worse is hiring a jack-of-all-trades to repair the damage. Structural repair is a very specialized type of contracting that involves lifting your home from the foundation, so not just any contractor is qualified. Deal with one company: We can both fix the root of the problem and repair the damage it caused. We use pressure treated lumber: Pressure treated lumber resists pests and rot so you will only pay for the repair one time.

read more › Call us at (757) 499-1078 or Contact Us via our email form for more information or to book a consultation with a service pro. Hampton Roads has very distinct seasonal changes, so our pest service changes to contend with the challenges of each cycle. This prevents future problems, so you will always enjoy a pest-free home. Pests wake up and are seeking new nesting sites and food sources. HomePro places your pest barrier outside to prevent entry, then applies bait products for pests to find. This will reduce the populations just as they are starting to rise.

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