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Preventive Pest Control In Phoenix For over 20 years Preventive Pest Control has been providing pest control solutions you can depend on. First, a free inspection of your property will be conducted to determine the level of service required to keep your home safe from unwanted invaders. You can then make an informed decision when choosing one of our full-coverage plans that will shield against the most common pest we face in the Phoenix valley.

We'll seek out hot spots and treat pest at every service visit and communicate any previously unidentified pest problems or conducive conditions found on your property. Have an issue between scheduled visits? No problem. We'll come back at no additional cost to you. Knowledge, experience, and a commitment to excellence is our mission. We provide a variety of services specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers in Maricopa County.

At Preventive our goal is to eradicate your immediate pest issues, then provide you with a treatment plan designed to Prevent future pest problems.

read more › Today's business requires service companies to provide Value, every step of the way. From the moment you contact Preventive Pest Control you will feel the importance we place on customer service. Unlike many other companies, at Preventive we know the importance of providing a free assessment of your pest issues before giving recommendations (diagnosis and identification before treatment). From dangerous (scorpions) to plain annoying (ants) the valley is host to a multitude of pest problems plaguing Arizona residents.

read more › Trusted by Valley Residents for 20 years. The experts at Preventive Pest Control provide quality pest control service, customized to meet your needs to keep your home and family protected from unwanted pests. Call today for all you pest control concerns. Our friendly team of experienced technicians will not only treat your home as their own, they will inspect your home during each service and communicate any signs of potential damage from wood destroying pests, rodents, or conducive conditions that may prove costly in the future.

read more › Our regularly scheduled services will eliminate the scorpion food source from around your home, the first step to controlling scorpions. Next, we place a 15' granular barrier around the home, followed by treatment of the foundation, and block wall. Lastly, glue boards will be placed at scorpion entry points at either side of the garage door. All included with our Premium Bi-Monthly service plan. Often-times scorpion control requires added measures of defense. Our mixture of dust materials applied to the cracks and crevices in and around your home will provide you an extra measure of control against these unwanted pests.

read more › In Central Arizona, fall and spring are the optimum times to use pre-emergence herbicides. Our goal to provide effective weed control is based on soil temperature and ambient temperature, and amount of rain in certain areas. Our Preventive Pest Weed Control Program consist of properly timed pre-emergent treatments spring and fall and includes post emergent treatments if needed for stubborn or difficult to control weeds. In some cases, mechanical control (weed eater, brush hog, hoe, hand pulling) may be needed to remove existing weeds from property prior to treatment.

read more › Preventive Pest Control is now offering a nondestructive method to deliver termite treatment, the Termidor HP II High Precision Injection System is incredibly effective. By using Termidor termiticide exclusively, your home will be protected by a product with a proven track record for 17 years running. Within 90 days, you can be assured of 100% termite control around your home. No ifs, ands or bugs about it. Our state-of-the-art treatment method carries a long term, no extra fee warranty so you can be confident your home is not being eaten by termites.

read more › Preventive Pest Control Rodent Experts have designed a multi-pronged attack to protect your home and family from these filthy vermin. Starting with a thorough Inspection of the home to determine infestation, types of rodents, and entry points. Exclusion, find and seal entry points. Trapping, clear the home of existing rats. Monitoring, ongoing rodent control measures to reduce population on property. Rodent infestations in the Phoenix area have skyrocketed over the past decade. Roof rats and Pack rat infestations have become a common occurrence in our area.

read more › Ant control is included in all our regularly scheduled service plans. As with most pests, ant control is accomplished through a combination of sanitation, cultural practices and responsible use of pesticide by a licensed technician. The goal is to kill the entire colony without "budding" the colony. Colony budding usually occurs when using the wrong products and not treating colony itself. Many homeowners attempting ant control have experienced "more ants" after attempting to solve the problem themselves.

read more › Included with all our regularly scheduled service plans, first we identify "what" species of spiders we are controlling, that will help us determine "where" we need to focus our applications. Our technicians are trained to locate and treat spider habitats, under eaves, inside irrigation boxes, piles of loose debris around the exterior of the home and yard are all common hiding places for spiders. To achieve a clean look and destroy nesting sites, De-webbing around the exterior is always included in your service.

read more › Your backyard is your sanctuary, the place to unwind, entertain, enjoy dining on the patio, and a place for the kids to play. Not when you have mosquitos eating you alive! That's why it's so important for you to enjoy your yard as a mosquito-free zone. Preventive pest control mosquito control services can greatly reduce annoying mosquitoes from your yard throughout the entire mosquito season. Call Preventive Pest Control today to protect your home from pesky mosquitoes. Help prevent Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Dengue and other diseases caused by mosquito bites!

read more › Although bees play an essential role directly and indirectly in the pollination of our food source, bees can be very dangerous when they build their hive inside our homes, under sheds and inside meter boxes. Phoenix is home to crossbred Africanized honey bees, these bees become overly aggressive and will attack in large numbers when they feel provoked. Each year people and pets are attacked by Africanized bees causing severe allergic reactions, and in some cases, death. Preventive Pest Control Bee experts are trained to determine if bees are just swarming and will disperse within a day or two, or if bees have built a hive within the walls of your home or other structure on the property.

read more › Controlling fleas and ticks is a multipronged approach, long-lasting granular on the entire yard, liquid treatment on the entire yard, and treatment in the interior of the home. Pets must be dipped before the process of treating the yard and home. An initial application is performed along with two follow up services similar in scope at 7-10 day intervals to complete the service. Disease carrying fleas and ticks not only make your pets life miserable but can have adverse health effects on humans as well.

read more › No matter what business you are in, your reputation is everything. Your reputation is your brand - it's what people think of when they work with you. This simple truth drives Preventive Pest Control's commitment to be the fastest, most effective and reliable pest management service for your business. Businesses throughout the United States deal with an array of pest threats they need to neutralize. Pest threats can damage your brand's image and put a huge dent in your profits. Performing damage control after a pest problem is not the solution - preventing problems is the solution.

read more › Inspection- Preventive Pest Control inspectors are looking for signs of bedbugs; blood stains on bedding around headboard, looking under mattress, box springs, anywhere the potential host (human) has slept. Often times the person feeling bites will grab a blanket and pillow and move to another room, bedbugs will hitch a ride and infect the new location. Sighting of a live bedbug only occurs 20%-30% of the time! We look for "signs" like dead carcasses and blood stains. Many people experiencing bedbugs for the first time have common factors leading up to the infestation such as recent travel, guests staying over, or an outbreak at a school or daycare.

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