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Pestco Professional Services We provide the friendliest Quality-Pro certified pest extermination services to homes and businesses throughout all of Greater Pittsburgh, as well as commercial pest, odor and hygiene sanitizing services for businesses in Western Pennsylvania, Cleveland, Eastern Ohio and the West Virginia panhandle. Our Mission: At Pestco Professional Services we strive to provide the highest quality of professionalism and service that exceeds our customers' expectations.

We accomplish this by working as a team with one goal, Customer Satisfaction! Locally owned and operated, Pestco Professional Services has provided pest control to Pittsburgh for over 70 years. Our customers and Better Business Bureau have given us an A+ rating, and we are Quality Pro Certified. We provide full-service pest control services from recommending ways to keep pests out to offering exclusion services to protect your home or business.

We offer free estimates and guarantee our services.

Whether your business or home is in East Liberty, South Side, North Side, Lawrenceville, Fox Chapel, Tarentum, Oakmont, Monroeville, Penn Hills, Sewickley, Cheswick, Robinson, Squirrel Hill, Oakland, Shadyside, Forest Hills, North Hills, South Hills, The Golden Triangle, Downtown, The Strip District, Carrick, West End, Wexford, McCandless, Warrendale, Sarver, Saxonburg, Cranberry Township or any other community throughout Greater Pittsburgh, our pest control programs come with years of refined precision.

read more › In addition to our residential and commercial pest control services, we've been a leading provider of facility hygiene services since 1948, and have since become the nation's only commercial service firm of its kind that actually manufactures the products it uses. Pest control solutions, air fresheners, odor control products, ambient scent systems, fragrances, washroom hygiene products and more are all made locally in our 80,000 sq. More than seventy years ago in 1948, a pest company called Pestco Professional Services began its long and persistent climb to prominence throughout Greater Pittsburgh, Western PA counties and the surrounding Tri-State areas.

read more › Our Pestco experts are available to handle any of your residential or commercial pest control, pest extermination, exclusion or business facility hygiene challenges. Pittsburgh pest emergencies for homeowners and business owners are our specialty, but we do more than just that for the Allegheny and Western Pennsylvania commercial industry. In addition to eliminating rats, bed bugs and other creepy crawlies, we also provide professional odor control and restroom hygiene services to restaurants, hotels, hospitals and every other business establishment throughout Greater Pittsburgh.

read more › Our online presence has become as significant as the mark we continue to leave on the hygiene and pest-free excellence of commercial industries throughout Greater Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. The following are just a few of our social and business listing profiles. If you, ahem, feel compelled, please don't hesitate to review us favorably.

read more › As a service to our customers, we provide access to Product Labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all of the products our technicians use during their visits to homes and commercial facilities throughout Greater Pittsburgh, as well as businesses throughout all of Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and the West Virginia Panhandle. The following link will take you directly to Pestco Professional Services landing page on Lycensed, which is regularly monitored and updated.

read more › While the following blog focusses on pest exclusion services for commercial businesses, the key principles provided below apply just the same to homes. Read on, or contact our team at (412) 252-5200 if you're your business or home is in or around the Greater Pittsburgh area. Commercial pest management has gone the way of most modern industry in the sense that it has become focused on greener, more sustainable strategies to control and maintain insect and rodent pest invasions. Pest exclusion is a preventative direct outgrowth of this awareness, as it involves integrated forms of pest management that protect the environment rather than haphazardly blanketing powerful chemicals to eradicate infestations as was the practice in past decades.

read more › We provide superior, effective bed bug control systems and removal and elimination services for homes and businesses throughout Greater Pittsburgh, as well as for businesses such as hotels, motels, hospitals, nursing homes, healthcare facilities, universities, movie theaters, apartment complexes, industrial buildings, office complexes and others throughout all of Western PA. At a little more than one eighth of an inch, bedbugs are small and can easily spread by hitching a ride on any person or thing right into your establishment.

read more › Although birds aren't likely to unite and destroy mankind such as the fate suggested in Alfred Hitchcock's movie of the same name, they can and do cause much misery, aggravation, deterred business, customer agita and expense to commercial and industrial business owners and managers. Warehouses, convention centers, shopping centers, malls, factories, airports, food plants and any other commercial establishment anywhere throughout Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania, Cleveland, Eastern Ohio and the West Virginia panhandle are all subject to damage from flying birds.

read more › While all termite infestations are serious matters that require immediate attention from pest control specialists, subterranean termites are by far the most damaging to wood, and they can cause significant property damage to Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvanian business, buildings and facilities of all types. The most devastating part of the problem is that they are not easily detected until their "work is done", so the potential destruction they can cause can often be quite costly. In fact, it was recently reported that every year termites cause some $5 billion dollars in property damage to both residences and commercial spaces.

read more › When it comes to cockroaches, there's no better time than the present for all Pittsburgh businesses to take preventative measures and come to the aid of their work settings and employees. In fact, as a business owner or manager, one of the most important jobs is to ensure your workplace environment is safe and healthy for all who work there; an effort even the smallest of cockroach infestations can put the kibosh on. Having survived almost every civilization and climate except for Antarctica, the ubiquitous cockroach has been a nuisance to mankind since the dawn of time.

read more › Floor drains, whether they be in public restrooms, kitchens or any other place throughout a commercial environment, are often overlooked despite being unpleasant harbors for drain flies, creepy crawlies and bacteria that are just waiting for humans to enter and for the microbe show to begin. Contact with human skin initiates a double feature horror fest representing both the movie and the popcorn, and what lurks under out of sight below that floor drain can make that shower scene in Psycho look like a "mere bag of shells, " as Jackie Gleason used to say.

read more › While the following article focusses on pest control for Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania business, we also provide full pest control services for residential homeowners throughout all of Allegheny County. Call now (412) 252-5200, or schedule a free inspection. The dynamic city of Pittsburgh is known as the "gateway to the west" because of its geographic location at the confluence of the Allegheny, Ohio and Monongahela rivers. This was a significant factor in the development of many industries, especially steel and iron for which it is best known.

read more › While the following article focuses on ant control and extermination services for Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania business, we also provide full pest control services for residential homeowners throughout all of Allegheny County. Call now (412) 252-5200, or schedule a free inspection. While the carpenter bee can sometimes be mistaken for a bumblebee, it is by no means the same as it pertains to the damage they can cause to wood. Carpenter bees can be incredibly destructive to the wooden structures, beams, stairs and other elements within any commercial facility, and they are particularly destructive to unfinished wood.

read more › Ensuring healthy workplace environments for restaurants, hotels, malls, hospitals, supermarkets, processing plants, factories, educational institutions, apartment complexes, office buildings, shopping centers, event arenas, warehousing and more. Through our strategic partnerships with Air-Scent and Enviro-master, we offer a fully-integrated array of environmental management services, providing businesses throughout Greater Pittsburgh, Western PA and the Tri-State area with the most comprehensive package of high performance assistance to address pest, air care and total facility hygiene maintenance issues.

read more › Providing the most effective, cutting-edge air freshening diffuser systems to businesses throughout Pittsburgh, all Western Pennsylvanian counties, Cleveland, Eastern Ohio and the West Virginian panhandle. We currently provide our air-freshing systems to a myriad of industries, including but not limited to: restaurants, nursing homes, hotels, factories, office complexes, food processing, motels, bars, cocktail lounges, taverns, ski lodges, private clubs, country clubs, saunas, gyms, fitness areas, retail stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, strip malls and more.

read more › Servicing commercial businesses for well over seven decades throughout Greater Pittsburgh, all Western PA counties, Ohio and the West Virginian panhandle with effective odor neutralizing systems, deodorizers, organic waste degraders, automated trash room and dumpster spray and non-polluting solutions. Whether it's organic waste from trash rooms, garbage dumpsters, or odors that accumulate around restroom urinals, toilets and drains, the following advanced odor neutralizing products have been decimating malodors and ensuring hygienically-clean facilities for businesses throughout Western PA and the surrounding states since 1946.

read more › Ambient scent is proven to help businesses attract new customers, increase customer linger time, create heightened value perception, encourage repeat visits, inspire loyalty, increase sales and much more. This innovative technique of attracting new customers is spreading among brand marketers representing a myriad of industries. Far from a gimmicky mantra and guerrilla marketing's unconventional strategies, ambient scenting is a progressive, innovative and highly sophisticated tool for creating a bond between a brand and the minds of its consumers.

read more › Businesses throughout Allegheny County have their fair share of challenges fending of conventional pests and rodents, including rats, mice, Carpenter and black ants, stinkbugs, black flies, German and American Cockroaches, termites, those invasive bedbugs and various spider species, all of which keep our expert techs at Pestco busy all year long. The most dangerous insect pest in the region, however, is one that threatens its natural resources; namely hemlock trees. The woolly adelgid is an aphid-like insect native to Asia that arrived in Virginia in the 1920s either on packing material or nursery stock.

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