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Boric acid has proving to be a great home remedy for ant control. Boric acid is an naturally derived insecticide that can be purchased at your local hardware store. It can be used as a bait with a mixture of water, boric acid, and sugar. We are a small family owned and operated pest control company, dedicated to providing our service with the safest and most effective methods.

All services are provided in full compliance to label and regulatory mandates. We guarantee our services and pride ourselves on being prompt and on time. Safety and quality are most important to us with no hassle of a contract. Check us out and other pest control companies at the better business bureau. There are about 3500 species of cockroaches, but the German Cockroach, and the Oriental Cockroach are the ones of concern in Las Vegas.

The German Cockroach are the ones that you find in your kitchen cabinets andcounter tops. They can multiply rather quickly and the can be tough to get rid of. The Oriental Cockroach are the ones that comes in from the outside when the warm weather comes.

read more › Black widows like dark and dry hiding places, they may be found in corners, water boxes, under rocks and wood piles. Black widow spiders are not aggressive, though their bite is dangerous, it is unlikely you will ever be bitten by one. They are known many names, such as the wind spider, wind scorpion, camel spider, sun spider.

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