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We are experts in household pest control, lawn spraying, termite control, and lawn fertilization. We are not a franchisee of a large national company, therefore we have full control over the quality of the service we provide. At Security Termite and Pest Control in Cape Coral Florida "Superior Personal Service at a Reasonable Price" is not just a motto, it is how we have been doing business for the past 20 years.

This appears to be a locally-managed company, rather than an impersonal chain. You get a real person on the phone, and the owner came for the initial visit to explain everything.

Security Termite and Pest Control of Cape Coral is a locally owned, non-franchised, termite and pest control company servicing Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties for the past 25 years. Our pest control clients range from single family residential homes to local governments to national commercial chains. We pride ourselves in providing our pest control

Security Termite & Pest Control has been providing termite control to Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties for over 25 years. Over the years, we have developed proven methods to remove termites and prevent them from coming back. Each termite problem and each termite treatment is unique and therefore the solution must be specifically tailored to your

Security Termite and Pest Control is one of the very few termite companies that perform their own tent fumigations in Cape Coral, Ft Myers, and Naples. Virtually all other pest control companies sub-contract their work to companies such as us. Structural tent fumigation is the only method proven to be effective at eliminating 100% of the drywood termites

South Florida is home to almost every kind of bug found in the United States and then some. Our warm climate is not only favored by people, but is an ideal breeding ground for home invading pests. Pest and Rodent populations can be responsible for spreading harmful germs and bacteria throughout a home, especially in food preparation area's. One of the

Anyone who has had a bee infestation will tell you that it can be a particularly alarming experience. Bee's can set up shop quite quickly and will build their hives within the wall voids of structures. This results in the bee's sharing a home with people, which can become quite dangerous if the bee's become agitated and feel threatened. In addition

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