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Being a family owned company, we value each and every customer and are committed to ensuring you live in a healthy, pest free environment. GUARANTEED! D.I.R.T. caters to residential and commercial establishments, using integrated pest management techniques to ensure that we do more than just apply insecticides but merely apply the less toxic, more effective methods of control keeping you and your family safe and protected at all times.

We are always a phone call away to address any pest issues that you may encounter. With access to the industry's leading products and resources, you can be assured that we always 'Do It Right'!

read more › Although originated in 2014, founder, Chad Searles, has been in the industry for many years, and has worked as a technician all the way through to management, and has the in-field experience along with the necessary certifications by the state of Florida to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with all of the resources available in the industry. From an early beginning, he has understood the service industry, and knows that the service end of a company suffers as it grows, and personally vows to not allow this to happen to you.

read more › Do It Right Termite is your one-stop shop for all your Termite, Pest and Lawn and Ornamental needs. All these services are covered under complete packages, giving you full coverage for every issue, and can also be modified to suit your individual needs, ensuring your satisfaction at all times. From One-time services, to on-going programs, we focus on the end goal, to keep you pest free. For New Customers, sign up for at least two on-going services and save 10% with this coupon only. Limit one coupon per customer.

read more › Our Do It Right Termite Pest Packages for Residential Pest Control offer a variation of services with different schedules to meet your demands, but we may recommend, but not limited to, a QUARTERLY PROGRAM that includes a treatment around the perimeter of the home on each visit. BOTTOM LINE, whatever schedule you would like, Bi-monthly, Quarterly, or Tri-Annual, WE DO, and still leave you pest free. In addition, an inspection and localized treatment if necessary of the entire property for Super Ant Colonies is also included at no charge.

read more › Other insects such as the Rugose Spiraling whitefly and others also affect palms, certain trees, and ficus hedges by feeding on the plants' nutrients, making them susceptible to disease. The honey dew that remains after feeding by these insects attract other types of insects to feed on this dew, which in turn produce a sooty mold. We do a root drench that supplies the tree with the necessary nutrients it requires, along with systemic insecticides and fungicides for rejuvenating themselves from severe damage, or certainly as a preventative treatment to sustain any attack from such insects and disease.

read more › With the laws of fertilizer applications becoming more restricted every day, it requires an impeccable service to maintain your landscaping while remaining within the limitations of the law. Seasons change, and so does the nutrient requirements of trees and shrubs along with these changes. Our service is tailored to compensating for differences in conditions, ensuring that every application to your landscape is specific to what is required to that particular property as no two properties are the same.

read more › Rodents have the ability to gnaw or chew through just about anything to find a suitable place for them to make a home and nest. Unfortunately they love our homes, and at times get in. D.I.R.T. will trap and remove the rodents from your home, locate the points of entry and seal these areas for you, preventing them from returning. Trapping and removal is at no charge to you if you are currently on an ongoing Pest Control service with D.I.R.T. Also available are secure bait stations that are placed around the perimeter of the structure, helping in the reduction of the amount of these rodents attempting to invade your home.

read more › Our name speaks for itself, Do It Right Termite! And we stand by our name. There are different species of termites, all with different characteristics, creating the need for different types of treatment methods. There may be multiple ways to kill a termite, including stepping on them, but D.I.R.T. uses the most effective methods possible to control and eliminate the termites. No matter the risk at hand, prevention is always better than cure. We offer preventative treatments for Drywood and Subterranean Termites ensuring your home stays termite free.

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