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Valley View Pest Control Valley View Pest Control is a family owned and operated company that has serviced the Las Vegas area for 10 years. We are fully licensed and insured, and our highly trained technicians have over twenty years of combined experience in pest control. Providing the best quality service and ensuring our customers homes and businesses remain free of pests is our number one priority.

If needed, we will return and provide additional services free of charge if pest problems continue. Pest control is not simply a job for us, at Valley View Pest Control it is our livelihood and we take great pride in our work. We are not exterminators, we are pest control professionals and we can solve any pest problem. At Valley View Pest Control safety is paramount, that is why we only use pesticides that are not harmful to people or pets.

We provide pest control for rodents, birds, and a variety of insects including: bees, wasps, scorpions, ants, and bed bugs. Our knowledgeable technicians will develop a pest control plan to address your particular problem.

read more › Bed bugs are extremely resilient and difficult to eradicate. However, we offer a comprehensive bed bug plan to treat even the toughest infestations. The only way to get rid of bed bugs is a step-by-step, methodical process. For the best results, we will return after two weeks and repeat the same steps we did during our initial treatment.

read more › Service rates vary depending on the size of the property and severity of the problem. We will work with you to develop a pest control plan that is both affordable and effective. For estimates please contact us. For persistent pest problems, a monthly service may be required. This plan is ideal for businesses and buildings that are more susceptible to pest problems. We will visit every 30 days to keep pests out. If you encounter pests between calls, we will return at no costs and adjust your pest control plan as needed.

read more › These ants will nest in the ground, in voids between boards and timber, or even a crack in a concrete wall or structure. They dwell by water sources which is why they usually appear in or around pluming in a residence or structure. Due to their poor ability to dig, they construct shallow nest in leaf litter or loose gravel or dirt. But if deep digging ants abandon their nest the Argentine will take it over with ease. Usually one colony will have multiple queens present. Pest control usually requires exploiting their omnivorous dietary habits, through use of slow-acting baits, which will be carried back to the nest by the workers, eventually killing all the individuals, including the queens.

read more › Bed Bugs are parasites that prefer to feed on human blood. Bed Bugs are nocturnal and feed manly at night. This is why they prefer beds. But they will infest couches, chairs, any furniture etc. They are capable of producing a painless bite allowing them to feed on their host without being noticed. The bites will later become irritated and have rash like symptoms becoming red and itchy. Call a professional for an inspection. Remove all clutter to make the inspection easier. Be careful when moving clutter not to transfer the bugs.

read more › Wasp preys on other insects, but adult wasp does not take any nutrients from their prey. They lay their eggs in the prey the prey usually stays alive until the parasite larva's are mature and emerge from the host. Adult Wasp only takes nutrition through pollination. The wasp can deliver multiple stings in a single attack. The hive must be covered with an insecticide, either a liquid or a dust formulation. Then the hive must be removed because the honey inside the hive will attract other bees and other pest.

read more › Pigeons are a grayish color. The males have a colorful marking around its head usually a purple or green color. Pigeons will nest in any shaded area. They will get in to eves on your roof and under your air conditioner unit. They construct their nests out of their own droppings. The female pigeon will never move away from her nest she will have generation after generation of baby's in the same nest. There dropping contain many disease that deal with the respiratory system. To control pigeon all the nesting sites must be excluded.

read more › The oriental cockroach is a larger species of roach being black to dark brown in color. The males have long wings covering their body and can take short flights, 2 to 3 meters. The females have short wing nubs and have wider bodies than males do. The oriental cockroach aka water bug prefers dark, moist places. They can often be found around decaying organic matter, in sewers, drains, damp basements, porches, and other damp locations indoors and outdoors. The oriental roach usually tends to move more slowly than other roaches.

read more › The bark scorpion is a light brown color. It's common in the south west United States. It has a signature dote on the back of its head. All scorpions will glow under a black light. The Bark Scorpion likes to ambush its prey. It feeds mostly at night because it's nocturnal. Unlike most other scorpions the bark scorpion is not solitary. During winter month pack of 20 to 30 scorpions will gather. They prefer dork moist places. They have a life span of about 6 years. A mother will give birth to 20-35 young in that time.

read more › There's more rats in Las Vegas now than ever before. The colder it gets the more these little varmints want to get inside of your house. In Las Vegas we have roof rats these guys live the same lifestyle as a squirrel so you'll see them in trees, you'll see them running on block walls, you'll see them running even on powerlines. So it is crucial to be sure there is no trees or Over hang touching your roof. Anything touching your roof will only become a ladder and an entry point to your house. When it comes to roof rats you won't see them you'll hear them.

read more › Valley View Pest Control really makes sure that all of our customers are satisfied and happy. All of work is guaranteed. We never cut corners when it comes to quality. That is our number one asset, the quality of our service. We here a Valley View Pest Control are confident that if you use our service just one time we will have a customer for life. Just give us a shot. We really are the best service in Vegas. We make sure we are up to date in the leading products to take care of your home or business the way we know you need us too.

read more › Scorpions thrive in harsh climates. They prefer climates from 68 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit but are very adaptable. So adaptable they can actually slow their metabolism down enough to live off one insect and no water for a year! Imagine living on one cheeseburger for an entire year! Most of our customers with scorpion sightings live on the edge of the valley where there is open desert, but also Green Valley and Summerlin. Where there is digging, construction, open land or water, you will most likely spot these unwanted visitors.

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