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The best solution is the one that lasts, gets to the root of a problem and prevents recurrence. That's why every team member of Xtreme Exterminators, whatever their individual expertise, is first and foremost a listener. Discovering each individual client's issues and needs means we can fully assess the problem, then diagnose it in detail before applying our diverse skills and technologies to create a customized, effective and lasting solution.

One that addresses not only the symptoms, but the cause. The Xtreme process combines a forensic investigative precision with extensive experience and understanding of just how disruptive and inconvenient pest outbreaks can be on an environment, be it residential, corporate or commercial. Our process provides answers and pest treatments that are environmentally safe and sustainable long-term.

Wherever possible, we limit the use of harmful chemicals in favor of more environmentally sensitive methods. Xtreme Exterminators consistently implements an EPA-approved Integrated Pest Management ("IPM") program, which considers all possible pest control techniques to manage existing and potential infestations, while minimizing the role of pesticides.

read more › Xtreme Exterminators is a small family business proud to be serving Green Country and the surrounding communities. The Xtreme Team combines pest management experience with leading-edge environmentally safe technologies and methods; all to ensure the most effective, discreet and customized solutions for our clients. Our job one is to provide peace of mind to both our customers and our community by protecting and preserving health and property through state-of-the-art Professional pest services. Likewise, to apply the highest standards of business integrity while solving your pest problems as quick and cost efficiently as possible.

read more › Home is your refuge - where you escape the outside world after a long day. It's no place for pests, or chemicals. Which is why Xtreme Exterminators will explore every option to treat your home, with EPA-approved, plant oil-based pesticides. All products and methods implemented by Xtreme Exterminators are free of harsh chemicals, thus ensuring that your health, and the health of your family, is not compromised. It's an approach we consistently apply as part of our residential services - from single- and multi-family residences, houses, apartments, co-ops and condos, to services and support for property managers, boards, associations and senior care facilities - including assisted living, managed care and nursing homes.

read more › In Oklahoma, we have what are called subterranean termites. Subterranean means that they travel underground. Because of this, they can enter the home undetected (even you can't catch them, Ring doorbell!) and feast on the structure of the home for years, even decades before any evidence is shown. Evidence of termites consists of seeing live termites, termite tubes, termite frass (poop!), or damaged wood. Besides live termites, an untrained eye is unlikely to detect evidence. Conditions that are conducive to termites: moisture around the foundation of the home, earth to wood contact, wood stored around a home, etc.

read more › Bed bugs are making a strong comeback in the United States and have become a real-life nightmare for many people. One of the serious problems with bed bugs is that they multiply rapidly. The longer you wait, the more there will be! Bed bugs survive off the blood from humans and animals. Although bed bugs are not known to transmit disease, their mere presence is extremely disturbing for many people. Bed bug bites can cause irritation, redness, severe rashes, and can leave blood spots on your sheets.

read more › Few pests make your home feel as invaded and infested as mice and rats. The worst part is that mice and rats love everything about your home that you do - warm shelter, good food, and plenty of water - and they feel entitled to it. When they find these creature comforts in your home, they make themselves at home. Worst yet, they start breeding. When our techs inspect your home, they'll look for obvious signs of mice and rats such as droppings and scratches, gnaw marks, and holes in walls and cabinets.

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