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Murray Pest Control We have over a decade of experience providing pest control and exterminating some of the toughest bugs Florida has to offer. Unlike other pest control and exterminator companies we don't just come in, spray and leave, we identify the problem, formulate a custom service plan for your situation and provide the costumer with guidelines to help prolong the absence of pests.

Murray Pest Control offers unprecedented commercial pest control that shows rapid progress with fewer visits. We've serviced all types of businesses such as food & beverage, health care, hospitality, retail, schools, offices, apartments, and other industries. Florida is home to many types of pests, and new invasive species are being introduced every year.

We have experience in handling, exterminating and preventing pests. Protect yourself and your home or business today. For your Home or Business Murray Pest Control keeps your lawn green and healthy. We offer solutions such as sod management and fertilization, palm tree fertilization, and shrub treatments.

read more › We are a family owned business focused on helping our community by delivering quality pest control services to residents and businesses in the South Florida area. Murray Pest Control began as a local family owned business with the idea that we could offer quality pest control at reasonable prices, and as we have grown over the years, we continue to do so. Our goal is keeping up with treatments that are safe to both humans, pets and the ecosystem, while also providing the best possible results with the fewest amount of visits.

read more › Having to deal with roaches and ants in your home is not only frustrating but very challenging in South Florida. Ants and roaches seem to thrive, invading homes across Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade counties. For years, Murray Pest Control has provided household pest control services, resolving home bug infestation and implementing monthly treatment programs that provide long lasting protection. Our household pest control services are custom tailored to target your particular type of stubborn insect issues.

read more › Throughout South Florida ant infestation can become a regularly occurring problem for your home. Murray Pest Control can help you with ongoing ant control for your home and lawn. While there are over 200 ant species in Florida, the most common types of ants found inside and around the exterior of homes include Carpenter Ants, Crazy Ants, Ghost Ants, Sugar Ants and the dreaded Fire Ant. Murray Pest Control's Ant Exterminator services will provide relief from these pesky invaders. We inspect your home, make recommendations to prevent access and provide advice on how to keep your house unattractive to ants.

read more › Murray Pest Control has treated hundreds of homes and businesses throughout Boca Raton, Broward and Palm Beach. We are experienced roach exterminators and can help you get rid of your roach problem once and for all. Treating a roach infestation with over the counter pesticides doesn't work. The large corporate pest control companies use the same pesticides over and over and they don't work. You need a pest control specialist who can treat your roach problem with the right pesticides. We have a roach control specialist who is experienced at the most current pesticide treatments for getting rid of the toughest roach infestations.

read more › Murray Pest Control understands how vital it is to have a clean and pest-free environment at your home but also more importantly, your business. Our goal isn't to provide you with a temporary solution, but to develop a system that focuses on your pest problems, eliminating them at their source. Apply bait in all areas such as entrances, kitchens, bathrooms and offices as well as cabinets and surrounding areas. Flies, fleas, ticks, bees, termites, mud dobber wasps, carpet beetles, bed bugs, snakes, pantry pests, brown recluse spiders*, black widow spiders*, mice and rats are part of our Specialty Services.

read more › Whether it's your home or business, Murray Pest Control has, developed a system of treatments, baits and other products coupled to control the population, eliminate the infestation and deliver outstanding results. All the pests listed on our Residential Services and Commercial Services pages will be exterminated after coming into contact with our treatments and baits, but there are certain measures and procedures that must be taken when dealing with other pests, especially in ridding them from your home or business.

read more › An free inspection of your home or business will be done, where we will evaluate possible and confirmed entry points, and give pricing and recommendations. Your treatment will be a customized solution to eradicate your problem so that no further threat is posed to your family and your property. Murray Pest Control is properly licensed to remove bees safely from your home, business and property. If bee removal is not conducted correctly, the colony will be aggravated, become aggressive and sting people and pets in the general area (up to a couple hundred yards away).

read more › We provide residential and commercial rodent control services throughout South Florida. Including: Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach & the Surrounding Areas of Broward & Palm Beach County. If you are hearing scratching or gnawing on walls and scurrying noises behind your walls (mainly at night), or see feces in your attic, you may have a rodent problem. Rodents such as rats and mice can gain access to your walls in your home through numerous areas around your home. A rat or mice infestation can develop very quickly and once established begin to cause many health related issues because their urine and feces can begin to spread many forms of disease.

read more › If you live in Florida, protecting your home from termites and the extensive damage that they can potentially cause is a top concern for all homeowners. The most common types of termites found in Florida are Subterranean Termites and Drywood Termites; both can present a very significant danger to your property. Murray Pest Control, LLC is licensed to inspect and provide prevention treatment services in the State of Florida. If you think you may have a termite problem, contact us today for a free inspection.

read more › If you want results soon for a healthy, lush green and weed free lawn, make sure to give us a call or email us for a free quote today! Murray Pest Control believes in using the highest quality lawn care and maintenance products that are effective as well as ecologically safe. All of our employees are trained professionals who are constantly evolving with the field, researching newer and safer products that protect your lawn and family, leaving it lush and green but environmentally friendly. We have many clients in the South Florida area and they love to refer us to family, friends and businesses.

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