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Your Neighborhood Pest Control Your Neighborhood Pest Control is a small, family owned business in Arlington, TX. As a full service pest control company, we treat general pests, termites, rodents, wildlife, and bedbugs. Over time, termites can cause significant damage to structures. With the Sentricon System, we guarantee an elimination of the entire colony, including the queen.

Rodents and wildlife infestations are more common in winter, but they can happen any time of the year. We provide a comprehensive program that keeps rats out of your home- for good! This is a great family owned company. Fabrico always shows up on time, does the work as promised, and the price is great for all the work he does. Great company and we will continue to use them.

One time pest control services have a a 60 day warranty, while quarterly services have a 90 day warranty in between services. We offer extended warranties for bedbugs, termites, and rodents. We offer different discounts throughout the year, so give us a call to find out what specials we currently have.

read more › Covered Pests: All silver plan pests, fleas and ticks, carpenter ants, acrobat ants, German roaches, crickets, pantry pests, poisonous spiders, Scorpions. Our treatments include: Interior perimeter, exterior perimeter, yard, garage, window sills, and roof line. We take our time and use quality professional pesticides to ensure your home remains pest free. Has the rain brought out the bugs again? One time services come with a 30 day warranty and quarterly services have a 90 day warranty. Just give us a call, we'll come back and treat at no extra charge.

read more › In order to explain our process in the elimination of rodents and wildlife from structure, let's first point out some common practices that aren't effective. Poison: Firstly poison works by attraction and it may lead to a heavier infestation inside as it will continue to attract rodents from outside. Secondly, poison is designed to work by dehydrating rats so that they'll then look for water outside. However, it may lead to rats and mice dying inside walls or in attic insulation. This can cause bad odors as well as flea and fly infestations.

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