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Echo Pest Control For a FREE Estimate, Call Echo Pest Control Omaha at 402-884-7410 or Kansas City at 816-655-2220 or 913-871-7474. Protect your homes from spiders, wasps ants etc. with the professional pest control services of Echo Pest Control. Our crew is licensed, bonded and insured. Keep your office, restaurant, warehouse or other commercial facilities free of bus and rodents.

We offer a wide range of proven, effective solutions and high-quality control. Echo Pest Control has been in business for over 6 years and we bring over 20 years of pest control experience to every job. Call now to talk to one of our trained professionals.

read more › Many types of insects can pose a threat to the safety of your family and the durability of your home. From wasps nesting along your eaves to termites devouring the timbers in your walls, insects are the unwanted invaders you want to get rid of. You can count on Echo Pest Control for complete residential pest control. When you call us, we will send a licensed, professional technician to your home. We offer customized plans that target specific pests. This is included in our Quarterly Pest Program.

read more › An insect invasion can be devastating to a business. Insects can hinder productivity and may negatively affect customers. Insects and rodents in restaurants can incur serious, expensive citations from the health officials. Even offices can suffer from insect or rodent infestations - no one wants to work in an area overrun by bugs. No two commercial properties are alike. We offer free inspections and customized commercial services. From schools, to daycare, to restaurants and offices, we treat it all!

read more › When your see spiders in or around your property, you know you have a bug problem. Spiders also create webbing that catches debris and can interrupt your day to day activities. When you start to see spiders, or their webs, around your home or business, it's time to call Echo Pest Control. Our uniformed professionals will get rid of the spiders in your residential or commercial property. For a FREE estimate, call us at 402-884-7410.

read more › Having ants in your home or yard can be a huge nuisance. Ants can range from a small cluster to multiple colonies around your property. Some ants are just looking for food and water while others seek out rotted wood to colonize. Either way, when you see one or two ants, more are on the way. Echo Pest Control is ready to help you get rid of your ant problems. Our experienced technicians are available for residential and commercial ant control. Whether you have a line of ants roaming across your kitchen floor or a nest of fire ants in the children's sandbox, we can help.

read more › If you live in wooded areas or near wooded areas, there is a high probability that you will encounter Carpenter ants at some point. Carpenter ants are large black ants. If you are seeing them around your property, you most likely have a conducive environment that is attracting them. Our licensed technicians can inspect and provide you with solutions. Unlike termites, carpenter ants don't eat the wood, but that doesn't make them any less destructive. Like most ants, they are more interested in sweets, meat and other food.

read more › Stinging insects like wasps and yellow jackets can be quite frightening. They can also be quite dangerous to your family and pets if they are in a large number or if someone is allergic. In our area of the Midwest there are multiple types of stinging pests. They each pose a unique challenge. Their nesting locations can be obvious, such as eaves or doorways. Or they can be more difficult to find, like in the ground or various cracks and crevices around the home. They can also be in grills around decks and in the siding.

read more › Our region of the Midwest is home to a surprising number of insect species and many of them want to share your house or office as the seasons change. They might be seeking warmth, food or places to nest, but every season brings new insect pests. You want to take care of these invaders before they take up permanent residence in your home. You can rely on Echo Pest Control for effective measures to get rid of occasional insects and prevent reinfestations. With over 20 years of industry experience, we are skilled and equipped to take on all types of insects.

read more › If you have books, wallpaper or cardboard boxes in your home or business, then you have a buffet that silverfish love. They are attracted to wool, silk and other fabrics. Their diet consists of paper, glue, starch and textiles, so all the things that make your home more beautiful make for tasty silverfish meals. A silverfish is a small prehistoric bug that's about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch long and silvery white in color. It's typically cone shaped and you'll see them scurrying away from light. They are nocturnal and you'll rarely catch them during the day.

read more › Of all the insects that inhabit residential and commercial properties, termites are one of the most destructive ones. Instead of getting into your food the way ants do, termites eat your property. The wood from which your home or business is built is a feast for the termites. At Echo Pest Control, we have over 20 years of experience in the termite control industry. Our licensed, insured technicians are fully equipped to evaluate the condition, configuration and environment of your home or business.

read more › Everyone loves the cartoon mice, but the real thing can damage your home and make your food inedible. Mice in the walls or attic of your home will destroy the insulation and when they invade your kitchen or pantry, you can lose all your food when they gnaw through the packaging. Moles and voles can destroy your yard. The experts from Echo Pest Control will come to your commercial or residential property and get rid of your rodent problem. Our highly skilled technicians have a variety of techniques for keeping your home or business free of mice, rats and other rodents.

read more › Our area of the Midwest is populated by a wide range of small animals that can bite, transmit rabies or tear up your gardens and trash cans. Often times these animals can destroy your home or make your home their own. With the help of Echo Pest Control, you can keep your residential or commercial yard safe. Our experienced, professional technicians can safely remove a large variety of nuisance animals. Our technicians can use non-lethal trapping methods to capture and remove most nuisance animals.

read more › On behalf of all the hard-working men and women at Echo Pest Control, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to provide your annual pest services. The mission of Echo Pest Control is to increase the standard of living and the quality of life for our employees, our clients and our communities by providing safe, dependable pest control services. We work hard by providing safe and effective solutions to your pest control needs. Our goal is to consistently exceed your expectations. During that first service, your technician will lay the foundation for a pest control perimeter around your home.

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